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Research and analysis of the development of China's aviation aluminum industry in 2019

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Research and analysis of the development of China's aviation aluminum industry in 2019

Abstract: Aircraft manufacturing strong pull aviation aluminum alloy materials market demand, the application in the manufacture of aluminum alloy materials in aviation civil aircraft mainly includes forgings, castings, large section extrusion thick plate and aluminum lithium alloy.


Aircraft manufacturing strong pull aviation aluminum alloy materials market demand, the application in the aviation civil aircraft manufacturing aluminum alloy materials mainly include forgings, castings, large section extrusion thick plate and aluminum lithium alloy.


Large aircraft manufacturing industry application of aluminum alloy and ordinary aluminum alloy hardness and fatigue resistance and strength and plasticity have higher requirements. Aviation aluminum lightweight and light quality effect is obvious, currently replacing steel in the aviation industry manufacturing materials dominate. Aviation equipment manufacturing is a high-end and large application area of aluminum.


Analysis of the current situation of China Aviation Aluminum Industry


As domestic aircraft are still in the development or market development stage before 2018, aluminum alloy materials will still be import-oriented, but with the further favorable implementation of China's policy and the domestic aluminum enterprises related to the layout and the transformation of research and development results, aviation aluminum is expected to achieve independent supply as soon as possible.


Aviation aluminum is mainly applied to the fuselage girder, wing skin, abdominal plate, seat rail, keel beam, wing long, side frame, body skin, the lower wall of the fuselage, the main floor bar, the wing beam upper and lower edge strip and other parts.


Data from the 2019-2024 China Aviation Aluminum Industry Analysis and Prospects Development Investment Research Report show that the size of China's aviation aluminum market in 2012 was 133,100 tons, up 4% YoY, and by 2017 the size of the aviation aluminum market reached 199,000 tons, up 8.2% YoY.


From The regional market size of China's aviation aluminum, the size of the aviation aluminum production area is more obvious, of which the East China region accounted for more than 20%, the South China region accounted for more than 15%, the North China region accounted for more than 20%, China accounted for more than 15%, other regions such as northwest, southwest, northeast accounted for less than 10% respectively.


Expansion of aerospace aluminum applications


Today' aviation aluminum performance advantages, the application of applications extended to such as all-aluminum home, mobile phones and so on.


Among them, to the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S for example: the iPhone 6/6S model son is aluminum alloy, with the application of materials essential oil, and high-quality pursuit in recent years, many brand mobile phone manufacturers began to use aviation aluminum as a body. The advantages of metal materials obvious, there will be no body bending, density is steel 1-3, lightweight, compared to the plastic body according to the sense of metal, better quality use of 7075 aluminum plate processing body, anode oxidation effect is good, uniform color, hardness is higher, high material purity processing efficiency and higher yield.


Aviation aluminum market prospects


Aluminum alloy and aluminum with moderate strength and low density, easy processing and anti-corrosion, rich in resources and recycling and many other characteristics, aluminum is one of the important metal materials in the aviation industry manufacturing, aluminum alloy and steel strength is similar, low density, in the same strength level material want to provide thicker cross-section materials, anti-bending and pressure capacity, It's a classic material made by an airplane.


Squeeze profiles made of high-strength aluminum alloys account for 30%-35% of the total aluminum use of aircraft.


According to the analysis forecast, between 2014 and 2023, the global air passenger traffic between 2014-2023, the average annual growth rate of 4.7%, the new passenger and cargo aircraft will reach 19,000, low fuel can be accessto aircraft about 12,400 aircraft will be retired, replaced by new aircraft, the global market demand for new wide-body passenger and cargo aircraft up to about 9300, By number of aircraft accounted for 30% of the total number of new aircraft in the same period. The number of aircraft worldwide is expected to grow by 1, with Asia growing by 35%.


According to the forecast of China Aviation Industry Corporation, by 2025, China's air transport aircraft will have 3,900 aircraft, of which 2000 large passenger aircraft.


China's aviation manufacturing industry has entered a period of high-speed development, the current private aircraft and civil aviation and large aircraft production increased year by year, aviation aluminum in recent years the market size will be more and more.


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