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2024 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition opens

July 7, 2024
Green "aluminum", high-end "aluminum", sustainable "aluminum", in various forms, "aluminum" has fresh. On July 3, the China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition was grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and the Shanghai International Industrial Materials Exhibition · Copper was opened simultaneously. In the same period, the 2024 China International Aluminum Processing Forum, China Recycled aluminum industry Chain Integration Development Forum, aluminum Packaging and Sustainable Development Forum, ALU Insight- International aluminum industry Development Forum will be held. Special aluminum foil packaging exhibition area, recycled aluminum area, aluminum plate with foil exhibition area, copper-based new materials exhibition area, focusing on the display of green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly aluminum application products and low-carbon aluminum products.
Ge Honglin, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Fan Shunke, Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, Zheng Zhisheng, President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China, Mr. Miles Prosser, Secretary General of International Aluminum Association, Mr. Guido, Secretary General of Global Aluminum Foil Producers Initiative Organization Aufdemkamp, International Copper Association China President Li Jing, Gulf Aluminum Association Secretary General Mr. Mahmood Aldailami, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Zhang Qiuhong, India Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers Association President Mr. Jitendra Chopra, China Packaging Federation deputy Secretary General Wu Hongjun, Mr. Tatsuya Kawabata, General manager of Japan Aluminum Association, Mr. Athipat Kuvinichkul, Chairman of Thailand Aluminum Association and other leading guests attended the opening ceremony.
At the exhibition site, Chalco, Hongqiao, Nanshan, Zhongwang, Mingtai, Zhongfu, Xinjiang Zhonghe, Wanda, Yongjie, Qili Aomei, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology and other exhibition halls, wide and lofty booths with aluminum silver and bright lights, like being in a glass, light and light flow, Experience the charm and vitality of the evolution of aluminum application to science and technology, diversification and refinement in the new era. Innovation, Fengaluminum, Guangya, Longding, Wanji, Xintai, Ming Island, Jianmei, Southeast aluminum strip, Yongtong, Caifa, North China Aluminum/Zhuoshen, Runhua, Sidong Group, Bobbie Batz and other well-known enterprises were present at the event. Huajian Aluminum Industry, Zhongyi FengJinyi (Suzhou), Lixin Aluminum Industry, Jinhu Caituan, Tianjin Salis, Xueyin Aluminum Industry, Chenglong Aluminum Industry, Henan Central Regeneration, Jinan Tianma, South Asia Aluminum Industry, Yuzhong Aluminum Magnesium equipment and other hundreds of new enterprises joined the exhibition to add new impetus.
Raw aluminum, recycled aluminum, aluminum raw materials, aluminum primary metal products, aluminum semi-finished products, semi-finished products (aluminum profiles, plates, belts, foils, aluminum-plastic composite materials, castings, forgings), aluminum deep processing products (including construction, transportation, machinery, packaging, electronics, photovoltaic industry, etc.), equipment and other aluminum industry industrial chain and its supporting products are placed neatly, shining. The rapid development pace of China's aluminum industry shows the leading force of fruitful results achieved in the next year and the innovative vitality of the aluminum industry under the change of new quality productivity.
It is reported that the Shanghai International Aluminum Industry Exhibition brings together high-quality resources in the aluminum industry and terminal application fields at home and abroad, aiming to comprehensively display innovative technologies and products in the aluminum industry chain, and provide a one-stop procurement platform for the terminal application field. The event site brings together primary aluminum plants, recycled aluminum plants, aluminum processing plants, aluminum industry equipment manufacturers, aluminum industry dealers, traders, agents, transportation industry, such as auto parts and vehicle manufacturers, rail transit, aerospace manufacturers, consumer electronics and white appliances industry, packaging industry, machinery manufacturing industry, construction industry, Such as doors and Windows curtain walls, home decoration, real estate development or construction engineering, formwork manufacturers other aluminum application industries, such as photovoltaic industry, construction industry and other mining practitioners to visit.