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YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd 86--186 6296 3676 sales@profiles-aluminum.com
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YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile

  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd company profile
YueFeng Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd
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    North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Worldwide

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    70% - 80%

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Yuefeng Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, more than 1,100 employees, under the control of mold manufacturing, alloy casting, profile extrusion three business units and a national testing center. Products are widely used in rail transit car body, automobile, photovoltaic, container, offshore equipment, power electronics, building structure and other high-end industrial fields. Aluminum alloy profile industry equipment capacity, technical level, product market share are in a leading position at home and abroad.
Yuefeng Aluminum Company has a complete aluminum alloy melting casting, alloy ratio, mold design and manufacturing, extrusion, heat treatment, test and testing of high-end aluminum profile research and development and production system. Built the world's advanced mold flexible production line, has a group of professional mold design and R & D team, successfully developed for a variety of profiles extrusion flat die and split die, can meet the production needs of a variety of new materials. With four internationally advanced casting production lines, the annual output of various ingot 150,000 tons, the maximum specification of ingot can reach 560mm, and the quality, variety and technology of ingot have reached the leading level in China. Equipped with 19 extrusion production lines of 10000 tons, 9000 tons, 8000 tons and other different tonnage, it is the aluminum extrusion production base with perfect gradient configuration of domestic extruders, which can produce various large, medium and small cross-section aluminum profiles and produce large industrial aluminum profiles with the largest cross-section of 850mm, the largest circular pipe diameter of 750mm and the product length of 30 meters.
Focusing on the product positioning of "high-end, integrated and terminal", Yuefeng Aluminum continues to optimize the product structure and transform to the aluminum processing field with high added value, high technology content and broad market prospects, and its products are widely used in transportation, construction Bridges, electronics and electrical, machinery manufacturing, offshore equipment and other fields. On the basis of bigger and stronger aluminum materials, Yuefeng Aluminum has taken the lead in developing a series of lightweight terminal products such as all-aluminum semi-trailer, auto parts, aluminum alloy pedestrian bridge, aluminum alloy ship, aluminum alloy building template to fill the gaps in China, and has realized industrialization and batch supply.
Yuefeng Aluminum has always adhered to innovation and development, relying on the technical advantages of Yuefeng Aluminum's national technology center, postdoctoral workstation, and nationally recognized laboratory, it has overcome key technical problems such as rail vehicle body structural materials and modules, aluminum alloy semi-trailer and auto parts, aluminum alloy special ships, and aluminum alloy structural engineering. It has made a series of scientific and technological achievements with completely independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, further strengthen the cooperation between production, university and research, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation with non-ferrous Metals Industry Association, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CSIC Research Institute, Beijing General Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals Research, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University and other units, has become a number of colleges and universities "graduate social practice base", the introduction of a number of high-end technical talents, For Yuefeng aluminum technology improvement to provide a full talent guarantee.
Yuefeng Aluminum has successfully passed the international railway industry standard IRIS system certification, international rail vehicle welding standard EN15085 qualification certification, automotive industry production qualification TS16949 certification, LR/DNV/ABS/CCS classification society certification, aluminum alloy ship design and construction qualification, ISO9001 quality system certification. ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system certification and a series of international authoritative certification, quality assurance system effective operation, product quality has reached the international advanced level.
Grasp the present and grasp the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will focus on the development of high-performance aluminum alloy and deep processing products, continue to expand the application and promotion of aluminum in new fields, lead the aluminum processing industry to deeper, wider and higher levels of development, with better quality, higher-end products, better service to partners from all walks of life hand in hand, create brilliant!
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1993 - YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY is founded in Jiangyin city, China.

1995 - YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY consolidates operations to a new location on Wuxi, China, with an emphasis placed on industry aluminum extrusion profiles.

1999 - YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY purchased new facilities and begins to manufacture a line of aluminum windows and doors,

2003 - YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY exports the aluminum extrusion profiles to South Africa, UK, Thailand, German, Japan, Canada, and open international market gradually.

2010 - YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY expands extrusion sales by adding external customers

2014 - With a US$13 million investment, YUEFENG TECHNOLOGY Aluminum Extrusion starts focus on photovoltaic solar mounting market, and organized some engineers as group to develop and design solar mounting and demands home and abroad demands, especially for Japan market.

2016 - An additional 4,000T and 6800T extruders were added for the production of industrial profiles.

2017- Invest in the establishment of Anhui Yuefeng Aluminum Co., LTD., the main new energy automobile materials, ship materials, rail transit materials research and development and production.

2020 - The joint venture invested in Jianbang Aluminum Industry and continued to expand the layout of aluminum processing in market.

2022 - A new 12,500T of extruder was invested to meet customers' requirements for high-precision, large-section and large-weight industrial aluminum profiles.

2023 - New vertical powder coating production line, the longest can powder coating profile 8 meters, improve the quality of powder coating processing.


 YueFeng Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum extrusion profiles, roller shutter door profile, aluminum tube, aluminum angle profile, electric shell profile, aluminum solar frame, solar mountings, aluminum heat sink, aluminum windows and doors profiles, kinds of industrial aluminum extrusion profiles in china.

We have built our business by being efficient and flexible in order to meet the specific needs of our customers every day. Through our “Customers First” mandate, we consistently offer industry-leading customer service.

YueFeng Aluminum’s commitment to high quality and exceptional service has led to substantial increases in both size and scope of our business, while we continue to maintain a well respected reputation with our industry peers.

YueFeng’s Single Source advantage means you can rely on one supplier to provide extruded, polished, anodized, painted, and fabricated aluminum products. With Single Source from YueFeng Aluminum, you reduce time from order to delivery of your final product, better manage your inventory, and eliminate potential multi-supplier conflicts. With YueFeng Technology you can rest assured that your project will be handled from start to finish with our industry-leading attention to detail.

Our Single Source Offerings, all handled in-house, include:  

·                                 CAD design, project planning

·                                 3D Prototyping

·                                 Precision quality aluminum extrusions 

·                                 Brite Dip and etch custom anodizing

·                                 Pre-anodized mechanical processing - buffing, grinding and custom surface finishes

·                                 Full colour spectrum dyeing

·                                 Full colour range of painting and powder coating 

·                                 Custom fabrication

·                                 Quality testing, analysis and assurance

·                                 Automated packaging and custom packing to your specific needs

·                                 Material handling and transportation logistics for global delivery

·                                 ISO certified specialists to guide you through your requirements

If you want to know about more information, please contact us or call me 0086 18662963676 (Urgent things)

Our Team

Core Values

Recognizing that people create culture, YUEFENG’s core values are fundamental drivers of our workplace environment.

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Respect and Fairness – Treat others as we would like them to treat us.


Humility – Humble, recognizing that we are not perfect and that no matter how good we may be at something, we can be better. Open to constructive criticism.


Passion for Progress – A strong drive or burning desire to be better tomorrow than we are today, Anxious to make the effort to become better and to not be afraid of change.


Ownership – Treat the business as if it is your own. Have strong pride in the appearance and operation of the organization.


To learn more about our company, please call 0086 18662963676, or send us a note at jameswang0307@gmail.com.