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A number of national standards revised by Yuefeng Aluminum Group were approved for implementation

August 21, 2023
Recently, the General Administration of Market Regulation and the National Standards Committee have successively issued No. 7 and No. 8 National standards Announcement, approved the release of a number of important national standards and national standard samples, and extended the validity period of 24 national standard samples. The 9 national standards led by Yuefeng Aluminum Group and the 10 national standards participated in the revision were approved and released, and will be implemented from March 1, 2024; The validity period of 10 national standard samples developed has been extended by 10 years.
The national standards issued and implemented by Yuefeng Aluminum Group this time involve aluminum oxide, aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium and magnesium alloys, copper concentrate, copper and copper alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, lead ingots and other metal materials, both product standards, as well as test and inspection method standards, will help promote industrial intelligent green upgrading, consolidate the foundation of industrial development, and promote high-quality economic and social development.
GB/T 42914-2023 "Fracture Toughness Test Method for Aluminum Alloy Products" national standard for the characteristics of aluminum alloy, set the status of aluminum alloy products and industry development characteristics in China, reference to advanced ASTM standards, established an applicable, feasible and unified national standard for the fracture toughness test method of aluminum alloy. It can meet the needs of fracture toughness testing of new high-strength and tough aluminum alloy materials of different specifications, and provide help for China's excellent aluminum alloy products to go abroad and enhance international competitiveness.
The GB/T 42916-2023 "Aluminum and aluminum alloy product Identification" national standard developed by Yuefeng Metal Technology is based on the domestic development needs, fully absorbed the advantages of advanced international standards, and introduced advanced identification methods (two-dimensional code, bar code, etc.) into the standard, through the specification of standard identification, to provide more high-end information transmission methods for both supply and demand. After the implementation of the standard, it is conducive to promoting China's aluminum processed products to go out and provide strong support for the implementation of the "Belt and Road" policy.
GB/T 22638.11-2023 "Aluminum foil test method Part 11: The national standard is applicable to the tensile property test at room temperature of plain foils and coated aluminum foil with thickness below 0.2 mm and the cup process performance test and rupture strength test, which stipulates the test method for the mechanical property test of aluminum foil, which is conducive to the healthy and rapid development of high-end aluminum foil products. It is of great practical significance to effectively regulate the upstream and downstream industry chain, bridge the difference in understanding and understanding between buyers and sellers, and promote the transformation of China from a major aluminum foil manufacturing country to a major aluminum foil manufacturing country.
Yuefeng Research Institute revised "Alumina chemical analysis method and physical properties measurement method Part 35: determination of specific surface area nitrogen adsorption method" "Alumina chemical analysis method and physical properties measurement method Part 25: Determination of loose and vibrated density" "Alumina chemical Analysis method and physical properties measurement method Part 27: Three national standards, such as particle size analysis and screening method, further improve China's alumina analysis and testing standard system, and greatly promote China's aluminum industry production quality control and trade standardization.
Yuefeng Precision Manufacturing revised "Deformation aluminum, magnesium and its alloy processed products tensile test samples and methods", "deformation aluminum and aluminum alloy state code" and East Light revised "Aluminum and aluminum alloy product compression test method" national standards, in view of the industry development situation, some of the content has been improved to improve the applicability of the standard. The revision of the above three standards is conducive to promoting the upgrading and transformation of aluminum products, resolving overcapacity, promoting new technologies and new products to stand out, and improving the quality and level of related product supply.
The 10 national standard samples approved for extension are the "Aluminum Alloy 5XXX series of composition standard samples (block)" developed by Yuefeng and 5 aluminum alloy 5XXX series of composition standard samples (shavings) with different magnesium content (1.7%, 3.4%, 4.7%, 6.6% and 7.8%, respectively). Aluminum alloy 2A12 component series standard sample (block), aluminum alloy 6A02 component series standard sample (block), cast aluminum alloy 380Y.1 component series standard sample (block) and aluminum alloy 6061 (including Bi, Sn) component series standard sample (block) developed by Yuefeng Aluminum smelting and casting plant.
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