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Anhui magnesium aluminum alloy product quality inspection and testing center settled in Chizhou

September 15, 2023
A few days ago, the "Anhui Province Market Supervision Bureau on the approval of the approval of Anhui Province magnesium aluminum alloy product quality inspection and testing center" was issued, and it was officially approved to Chizhou City Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute (National non-metallic ore Quality Inspection Center) as the parent unit, in the emerging industrial concentration area of Jiangnan Province to prepare for the construction of Anhui magnesium aluminum alloy product quality inspection and testing center.
According to reports, magnesium aluminum alloy products are widely used in automotive, construction, packaging, transportation, power, aerospace, military, photovoltaic solar energy, home appliances and other fields. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government vigorously developed the new material industry and implemented the "six base" promotion plan, including magnesium and aluminum bases. At present, our city is focusing on the development of magnesium-based and aluminum-based new material industry, based on the national and provincial strategic layout, giving play to the leading role of the treasure magnesium light alloy project, accelerating the chain reinforcement and chain reinforcement, and promoting the extension of the industrial chain to the high-end of the value chain. After the center is completed, it will be led by market demand, promote the deep integration of government, production, education and research, reduce the cost of research and development and testing, improve enterprise efficiency, and help the high-quality development of magnesium and aluminum based industries.
As the construction unit of the center, the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute has nearly 800 sets of advanced instruments and equipment, and has passed the CNAS and CMA qualification certification, testing products and parameters up to more than 1000, covering the inspection and testing capacity of non-metallic mineral products, non-metallic and building materials, food, medicine, health food, cosmetics, agricultural materials, light industry, chemical industry, small household appliances and other fields. "The Municipal Quality Inspection Institute will step up the implementation of the project, strengthen cooperation with Chongqing University and other scientific research institutions, further integrate resources, link elements, comprehensively improve technical capabilities and management levels, to ensure that a national quality inspection platform integrating product inspection, standard development, technology research and development, information exchange is built on schedule, and constantly improve the level of the platform and expand the impact of the platform." Said Wang An, president of the hospital.
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