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Application of aluminum profiles in rolling curtains, louvers and sunshade products

June 2, 2024
The application of aluminum profiles in roller blinds, louvers and sunshade products is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
### # One, rolling curtains
1. ** Material characteristics ** : Aluminum alloy shutter door profiles are durable, with high strength, high toughness and super corrosion resistance. It has a strong ability to fight, is not easy to scratch, and is safer.
2. ** Durability ** : The surface of the aluminum profile of the rolling shutter door adopts the classic powder spraying process, which has strong weather resistance, effectively prevents the aging of the profile, reduces the corrosion of the door such as rain, and has a service life of up to 20 years.
3. ** Aesthetics ** : rich colors, there are more than 30 colors for users to choose. The dimensions can be accurate to millimeters, the installation is firm, and the appearance is beautiful.
4. ** Functionality ** : Good mute effect, suitable for use in places such as garages that need to reduce noise. Small space restrictions, only occupy a small space above the door.
### Two, louvers
1. ** Lighting and ventilation ** : Aluminum alloy louver can adjust the blade Angle, when the blade is adjusted to 105 degrees, with light refraction effect, increase indoor lighting. At the same time, different ventilation requirements can be met by adjusting the blade Angle.
2. ** Anti-theft and durability ** : Aluminum blade has good anti-theft and impact resistance, durable, and easy to install, easy to clean.
3. ** Privacy protection ** : When the blade is adjusted to 15-25 degrees, the outdoor can not see the indoor, which both achieves the ventilation effect and has good privacy.
### 3. Sunshade products
1. Anti-uv ** : Aluminum alloy sunshade products can block most of the penetration of ultraviolet light, reducing the damage of ultraviolet light to human skin.
2. ** Efficient shading and cooling ** : Aluminum alloy canopy can effectively block direct sunlight and reduce indoor temperature and heat. The polyurethane foam material filled with its curtain sheet has good heat storage performance, can effectively block the sun, and reduce the indoor temperature by 10-20 degrees.
3. ** Energy saving and environmental protection ** : Aluminum alloy sunshade can save energy, there is no thermal bridge between the shutter window and the building interior, and an effective insulating air cushion is formed between the glass and the shutter panel, improving the energy-saving performance of the building.
4. ** Other functions ** : Aluminum alloy sunshade products also have good weather resistance, noise isolation function and protect furniture and floor from sunlight and fade. At the same time, it also provides a private living space for its occupants.