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Fuyuan County primary aluminum in situ processing conversion rate leading the country

June 17, 2024
In recent years, Fuyuan County has promoted the transformation and upgrading of green industry, strengthened the key core technology research and enabling, accelerated the development of new quality productivity, and promoted the high-quality development of green aluminum deep processing industry. It has formed a "electrolytic aluminum - aluminum alloy - aluminum deep processing - aluminum application - recycled aluminum" deep processing cycle industry chain, and the aluminum industry chain has achieved a closed cycle, with the local conversion rate of primary aluminum reaching 95%. Leading the country, it has become the most complete gathering area of aluminum industry chain in Yunnan Province. By the end of 2023, 12 green aluminum deep processing enterprises, 16 green aluminum deep processing projects and 30 aluminum-related enterprises have been built, and the output value of the aluminum industry has reached 7.939 billion yuan.
Recently, the Chenglin production line project with an annual output of 20,000 tons of food-grade high-end aluminum sheet in Fuyuan Industrial Park has entered the final equipment commissioning stage, which is the upstream project of the annual output of 4 million high-end aluminum POTS put into operation in August 2022. In order to solve the problem of short board processing of key raw materials, in June 2023, Fuyuan County actively connected with Yunnan Chenglin Machinery Industry and Trade Co., LTD., and built a new food-grade high-end aluminum plate production line project with an annual output of 20,000 tons, which is expected to be officially put into operation at the end of June.
Two kilometers away from Chenglin Machinery Factory area, there are upstream enterprises Zexin aluminum to provide liquid aluminum raw materials for Chenglin, 20,000 tons of food-grade high-end aluminum plate production project put into operation, can be directly cast in Chenglin factory, hot rolling, cold rolling, slicing, and then directly supply aluminum pot production line. From liquid aluminum to finished aluminum pot, only one day of time, greatly saving the production and logistics costs of enterprises, the entire project is completed, can make full use of high-quality liquid aluminum resources in the park, reduce the cost of aluminum ingot secondary remelting, can convert 20,000 tons of liquid aluminum annually, the added value of products increased by more than 20%, can achieve an annual output value of 480 million yuan, profits and taxes of more than 60 million yuan.
Fuyuan County strengthens scientific and technological innovation, enables green and low-carbon development, deepening the combination of production, research and use, relying on Aluminum Group 300,000 tons of green hydropower aluminum and Fuyuan Jinfei 300,000 tons of renewable aluminum resources, based on Zexin existing 300,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 250,000 tons of high-strength, high-toughness corrosion resistant aviation and transportation aluminum projects, stabilize the existing liquid aluminum direct supply downstream processing enterprises, Actively expand and introduce high-end aluminum alloy material production and deep processing projects, strive to achieve the development of aluminum industry closed cycle, and vigorously introduce downstream end recycling technology.
At present, Fuyuan Industrial Park has built 2 upstream enterprises, 5 midstream enterprises and 9 downstream enterprises in the green aluminum industry, forming a green aluminum cycle industry chain, gathering a group of enterprises with high industrial concentration, advanced technology and equipment, and high industrial level, promoting the local processing and transformation of high-end aluminum alloy, and striving to convert primary aluminum, aluminum alloy and recycled aluminum into deep processing products. Jinfei, Gewei, Cheng Lin, Feiyang and other 12 aluminum deep processing enterprises have been built and put into operation, with aluminum foil, wheel hub, automobile and motorcycle engine shell, motorcycle brake ring, recycled aluminum, food grade high-end aluminum plate aluminum sheet and other 3342 varieties, forming an industrial pattern with intermediate products as the support and advanced products as the lead.