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Guizhou Shuicheng Economic Development Zone: Cluster development helps the aluminum industry bear fruit

August 4, 2023
Since 2021, the Shuicheng Economic Development Zone of Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province has continued to "supplement the chain", "strong chain" and "extend the chain" in accordance with the requirements of "supplementing the weak board, improving the research and development capacity, and strengthening the aluminum industry, helping the development of the aluminum industry cluster in the park, and making aluminum water" blossom "and bear fruits.
Entering the construction site of the third phase of Jiuheng Aluminum project in the park, the roar of the machine can be heard constantly, and the workers are grasping the progress to carry out the hardening and leveling operation of the plant floor. At the beginning of May this year, Jiuheng Aluminum started the construction of the third phase of the project, is expected to carry out equipment installation and commissioning in August, and strive to complete the project in early September.
"The third phase of Guizhou Jiuheng Aluminum Industry started construction in early May this year, with a total investment of 80 million yuan. On the basis of the original, the new three production lines, the new output value of 120 million yuan, the new employment of nearly 50 people." Guizhou Jiuheng Aluminum Co., LTD. Deputy general manager Bao Guangren introduced.
Jiuheng Aluminum seized the construction of the third phase of the project, due to the continuous growth of market order demand this year. As an enterprise introduced by the aluminum industry chain in the park, Jiuheng Aluminum Industry extensively produces energy-saving aluminum alloy building profiles, and its products are not only sold to Sichuan, Chongqing and other domestic regions, but also exported to Southeast Asia. In 2022, Guizhou Jiuheng Aluminum Industry completed a production capacity of 7555.9 tons, achieving an output value of more than 140 million yuan. This year, the production capacity and output value of enterprises continue to increase significantly.
"From January to June this year, the revenue was 110 million yuan, and the annual revenue is expected to be 300 million yuan, an increase of 50%." This year's output value is mainly due to the improvement of the market this year and the improvement of the aluminum industry chain in our park." Bao Guangren admitted.
Less than one kilometer away from Jiuheng Aluminum, is Guizhou 19 degrees aluminum. The aluminum rods produced in the upstream of the park are produced into building profiles and household profiles through extrusion, oxidation, spraying and other manufacturing processes to achieve on-site conversion of aluminum resources. 19 degrees aluminum products not only sell well in foreign markets, but also the park Jiuheng Aluminum and other downstream deep processing enterprises important production raw materials suppliers.
After years of development, Guizhou 19 degree aluminum industry from three production lines to today's twelve production lines, from the beginning can only produce a single building profile to now can produce cylinder, transmission shaft, conductive parts and other types of industrial profiles, based on the advantages of the aluminum industry cluster in Shuicheng economic development zone, Guizhou 19 degree aluminum industry continues to increase scientific research and development and key projects. In the second half of this year, the company relied on the existing production line, introduced advanced technical services, planned the production of solar panel border profiles, and further expanded the aluminum industry chain of the park.
At present, the Shuicheng Economic Development Zone has introduced 49 aluminum and aluminum processing enterprises, landing 55 projects, forming a whole industrial chain development pattern from raw material production to intermediate products to terminal products. At the same time, the second phase of the two-yuan aluminum industry transformation project in the park is also being promoted in an orderly manner, and the electrolytic aluminum production capacity will be increased to 300,000 tons by then, which will help the continuous development and growth of aluminum and aluminum deep processing industrial clusters in the park, such as rods, plates, wires and materials.
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