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The first products of Yuefeng Light Material Electric Passenger Car Aluminum Ceramic Brake Plate Pilot Production Line

August 9, 2023
In July, Yuefeng Light Material Technology Co., Ltd. pilot production line in Changsha smoothly off the first batch of electric passenger car aluminum ceramic brake pad trial products, each indicator reached the standard, marking the line has batch production capacity. Yuefeng Light Material related responsible person introduced, the line is expected to reach full production in September, with an annual output of 100,000 pieces of aluminum ceramic brake pad.
As the world's first pilot production line for aluminum ceramic brake pads for electric passenger cars, the line innovatively adopts powder metallurgy production process, equipped with high-precision and high-efficiency four-column hydraulic press and intelligent continuous sintering furnace, which can achieve precise control of the production process and high efficiency output. In addition, Yuefeng Light Material realizes near net forming of products through independent design of molds and dies, which greatly reduces production costs. Subsequently, Yuefeng Light Material will continue to improve the automatic production, testing equipment and information system of the production line, realize real-time control of production dynamics through digital management, and trace the whole production data.
From the arrival of the first batch of equipment to the completion of continuous production verification, Yuefeng Light Material took only 101 days, and completed the joint debugging and testing within 22 days, highlighting the "speed of Yuefeng Light Material". Compared with traditional cast iron brake disc, aluminum ceramic composite brake disc has the advantages of weight reduction, wear resistance and heat resistance, which can meet the lightweight development needs of electric passenger vehicles and help save energy and reduce emissions. According to the relevant person in charge of Yuefeng Light Material, the research and development of aluminum ceramic brake disc is based on the national "dual carbon" strategy, with broad application prospects. At present, Yuefeng Light Material has carried out docking and cooperation with GAC, Geely, Nio and other new energy car enterprises.
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