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What is the price of photovoltaic aluminum frame calculated according to

June 2, 2024
The price of photovoltaic aluminum frame is mainly calculated according to the following aspects:
1. ** Aluminum ingot price ** : The main raw material of photovoltaic aluminum frame is aluminum, so the price fluctuation of aluminum ingot will directly affect the cost of the frame. The price of aluminum ingots is affected by a variety of factors such as market supply and demand, price changes on international metal exchanges, and changes every day.
2. ** Processing cost ** : photovoltaic aluminum frame needs to go through a series of processing processes, such as extrusion, cutting, drilling, anodizing, etc. These processes will incur corresponding costs, including equipment depreciation, labor costs, energy consumption, etc. The level of processing costs will also affect the pricing of the final border.
3. ** Frame weight ** : The weight of the frame is also an important factor affecting the price. In general, the heavier the frame, the more aluminum is required, and the cost increases accordingly. At the same time, weight also affects the cost of transportation and installation.
4. ** Customization and mold costs ** : If the customer needs to customize the aluminum frame with special specifications or shapes, then the manufacturer may need to design and manufacture new molds, which will add additional costs. In addition, custom products often do not enjoy the cost-effectiveness of mass production, so the price may be higher.
5. ** Color and surface treatment ** : The color and surface treatment of photovoltaic aluminum frame will also affect the price. For example, the price of black-oxidized photovoltaic bezels is usually higher than that of black-oxidized bezels, because black oxidation requires additional process steps and costs.
6. ** Market supply and demand ** : Like all commodities, the price of photovoltaic aluminum frame is also affected by market supply and demand. Prices may rise if market demand increases or supply decreases; Conversely, if there is an oversupply or falling demand, prices may fall.
In summary, the price of photovoltaic aluminum frame is determined by a number of factors. For the most accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or supplier directly for consultation.