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Yuefeng Aluminum and TMEIC to carry out technical exchanges

January 31, 2024
On January 29, Yuefeng Aluminum and TMEIC carried out technical exchanges around electrical automation and intelligent manufacturing of equipment for Yuefeng Aluminum's proposed project.
Yuefeng Aluminum Vice general manager Wang Kaifeng, TMEIC global industrial system vice president Sakata, Yuefeng Aluminum related departments, unit leaders and engineering and technical personnel participated in the technical exchange meeting held in Yuefeng Aluminum conference room.
Wang Kaifeng welcomed the arrival of the guests, and explained the overall planning of the relevant project construction, the actual needs of equipment and technology. He said that in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of business operations, Yuefeng Aluminum has further increased the construction of related projects, and the development momentum of the enterprise has been continuously enhanced. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum is accelerating the process of entrepreneurship again, fully implementing project construction and equipment upgrading, constantly bringing together advanced equipment, advanced technology and advanced technology, vigorously improving the level of intelligent manufacturing, and continuing to lead the development of the industry. Wang Kaifeng said that TMEIC is one of the world's leaders in power electronics technology and has a successful cooperation with Yuefeng Aluminum. He hoped that through this technical exchange, further deepen mutual understanding, reach consensus, and promote the cooperation between the two sides to achieve substantive results.
Sakata thanked Yuetsu Aluminum for its trust and support to TMEIC, and briefly introduced the basic situation of TMEIC. He said that TMEIC and Yuefeng Aluminum had candid interactions and mutual trust in the past cooperation, which laid a solid foundation for the two sides to achieve better cooperation. He hoped that the two sides could further strengthen communication and exchanges, share information, form consensus, promote friendly cooperation and achieve common development.
During the exchange, the two sides also had an in-depth discussion on the technical solutions for Yuefeng aluminum related projects.