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Yuefeng aluminum auto panel obtained user A-level supplier qualification

January 8, 2024
After the preliminary engineering verification, recently, Yuefeng Aluminum 5 series, 6 series automotive panels successfully obtained the A-level supplier qualification of A certain project of a well-known customer. This is not only an affirmation of Yuefeng aluminum automotive panel quality, technology and service, but also a great recognition of Yuefeng aluminum's comprehensive strength.
In recent years, Yuefeng Aluminum seized the opportunity of the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, deeply cultivated the auto plate market, accelerated the formation of new quality productivity, and continuously enhanced the development of new momentum, and the production and sales of auto plates continued to grow. As early as 2010, Yuefeng Aluminum began to develop aluminum for auto body, is the earliest aluminum processing enterprise to develop, and built a professional production line for automotive lightweight aluminum, forming an annual output of 100,000 tons of aluminum for auto body products production capacity, to achieve mass supply of aluminum for auto body.
Yuefeng Aluminum has continued to carry out the material development and application technology research of automotive aluminum plate, mastered the basic theory and method of organization performance and surface quality control of automotive aluminum plate, and formed a number of series of body panel products to reach the level of foreign advanced aluminum processing enterprises. At present, Yuefeng Aluminum has completed more than 10 automobile plant material certification, products have been applied to a number of joint ventures, domestic new energy vehicles, and China Automobile Institute, aluminum materials Institute, nonferrous metal Institute, Tsinghua University Suzhou Research Institute and other more than 10 testing institutions and research institutes to establish a cooperative relationship, for the follow-up to vigorously expand the new energy vehicle market laid a solid foundation. In the future, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to work hard to provide customers with higher quality services.