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Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was identified as a provincial green factory

May 9, 2024
Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the results of the review of the construction of the green manufacturing system in Jiangsu Province in 2024, and through the independent declaration of enterprises, the review and recommendation of local industry and information technology departments, the relevant expert review and other links, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. was identified as the provincial green factory in 2024.
Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise which mainly produces high-end aluminum alloy profiles and integrates production, research and development, sales and service. In recent years, enterprises continue to improve the level of production technology, fully promote the full coverage of automatic lines, greatly improving product performance and quality. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to green development and energy conservation and environmental protection work, established a green factory management mechanism, continuously improve the green factory management system, dedicated personnel are responsible for promoting environmental protection work, in the selection of raw materials, product production process to highlight the concept of ecological environmental protection, product unit energy consumption, water consumption has declined year by year, the indicators are moving towards the advanced level of the industry.
In the next step, Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven green development as the guidance, through the development of green factories, green products to enhance the enterprise's advanced energy saving and environmental protection technology. Accelerate the pace of process promotion and application, and establish an efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green manufacturing system. Through technological transformation and technological upgrading, we will gradually achieve green production that reduces cost, reduces consumption, improves quality and increases efficiency, and enable high-quality economic and social development with green innovation.
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