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Yuefeng Aluminum was named to the "2023 Forbes China ESG Innovative Enterprises" list

December 4, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Group was successfully selected in the "2023 Forbes China ESG Innovative Enterprises" selection sponsored by Forbes China.
Based on the four core factors of enterprise growth, ESG practice, innovation execution and industry influence, the selection aims to promote and highlight the innovation and excellence of enterprises in environmental, social and governance (ESG), and arouse wide attention and discussion by publicly displaying and recognizing enterprises with outstanding achievements in the field of ESG. This will help raise public awareness of ESG issues and drive more companies to incorporate ESG into their strategic planning and business practices.
As a selected enterprise, Yuefeng Aluminum actively accelerates the transformation under the framework of China's "dual carbon" goal, and actively explores the path of future sustainable development, that is, to achieve high-quality development and sustainable development through green low-carbon and scientific and technological innovation, and is committed to contributing more to the harmonious coexistence of the global economy and ecology and creating a better life.
Based on this era and environmental background, Yuefeng Aluminum officially launched the "Yuefeng Aluminum Carbon neutral Strategic Project", and announced its own "double carbon" goal and action plan to the whole society: strive to achieve carbon peak before 2025, and achieve net zero emissions within its own operational scope before 2055.
In fact, in the ESG top-level design of Yuefeng Aluminum, we always aim to build a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" enterprise, adhere to creating environmentally friendly, green and efficient production methods, and spare no effort to practice sustainable development. The above "double carbon" target is clearly put forward under the framework of this target.
At the same time, based on the profound insight of the global green low-carbon transformation, Yuefeng Aluminum based on its own greenhouse gas emission characteristics and industry characteristics, innovatively formulated ten key carbon neutral initiatives with business transformation as the strategic direction, operation transformation as the key starting point, and organizational and influence transformation as the ability to support. These measures are not only consistent and closely related to the development direction of the Group's business, but also give full play to the spirit of innovation in the specific implementation, so that their implementation can effectively achieve our "double carbon" goal.
In addition, as a responsible industry leader, Yuefeng Aluminum will not only achieve its own carbon neutral goal as an important direction, to provide customers with more low-carbon products and services; More actively respond to external expectations, take the initiative to play a leading role, actively assume the responsibility of leading the industry value chain to reduce carbon, constantly strengthen the low-carbon management of suppliers, drive the low-carbon green development of the whole industry, and help the carbon neutral process of the whole society.
At the same time, from the perspective of the industry distribution of the selected enterprises, the listed enterprises cover many industries such as finance, energy and environmental protection, industrial manufacturing, real estate, and enterprise technology. Among them, the enterprise technology industry ranked first in the number of selected enterprises, accounting for 22%; The energy and environmental protection industry ranked second, accounting for 16%; The financial and healthcare sectors were tied for third place with 10% each. It can be seen that traditional industries such as energy, environmental protection and finance are still important practitioners of domestic ESG exploration.
It can be said that as the concept of sustainable development has dominated the international capital market, ESG performance has also become a key area of concern for stakeholders such as governments, regulators, company management, investors, and the public. Layout and optimization of ESG practice, exploring multiple paths of ESG practice, and finding a path of shared innovation with its own characteristics are forced by the current situation, and are the key to the success of enterprise strategy.
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