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2023 Automotive lightweight and aluminum magnesium light alloy new material development Forum was held in Chizhou, Anhui Province

September 26, 2023
On September 22, the "2023 Automotive Lightweight and Aluminum Magnesium Light Alloy New Material Development Forum" co-organized by the China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association and Chizhou Municipal People's Government, and co-organized by the Aluminum Branch of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association and the Magnesium Branch of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association was held in Chizhou, Anhui.
Jin Haiming, Secretary-General of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, and Zhu Haodong, Deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Chizhou, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Jin Qingfeng, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Chizhou Municipal People's Congress, Zhang Xialin, Chairman of the CPPCC, Li Defeng, Director of the Light Metal Department of the China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Aluminum Branch, Sun Qian, Vice president and secretary-general of the Magnesium Branch of the China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, He Gang, Vice Mayor of the Chizhou Municipal People's Government, Chen Baozhang, second inspector of the Anhui Economic and Information Department, Song Hua, deputy general manager of Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., LTD., and other leaders and guests from new energy vehicle enterprises, parts enterprises, aluminum and magnesium processing enterprises and related units, a total of more than 200 people attended the forum. The forum was presided over by Meng Jie, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Aluminum Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, and Zhao Hui, Director of Chizhou Economic and Information Bureau.
Jin Haiming, secretary-general of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, said in his speech that vigorously developing new energy vehicles has risen to the national strategy of our country and has achieved gratifying development achievements. At present, new energy vehicles have become the strategic emerging industries with the most international competitive advantages in China, at the same time, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions also attach great importance to the development of new energy automobile industry, and vigorously support, therefore, the new energy automobile industry has broad development prospects in the global scope. Jin Haiming said that "reducing the body weight, increasing the battery capacity, and extending the driving range" are important propositions facing new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles have brought double major development opportunities of "quantity improvement" and "quality leap" for Al-Mg alloy materials. Driven by new energy vehicles, related aluminum products have shown explosive growth in recent years, and the output of aluminum profiles for new energy vehicles in China in 2022 reached 750,000 tons, an increase of 127.3%. Aluminum alloy auto body sheet production of 350,000 tons, an increase of 16.7%; Battery aluminum foil production of 280,000 tons, an increase of 100%. Jin Haiming fully affirmed the development of aluminum and magnesium processing industry in Chizhou, and put forward three suggestions: First, continue to improve the ability of innovation and development. The technical content of aluminum magnesium alloy materials for new energy vehicles is generally higher than that of other products, and we must continue to improve our innovation and development capabilities. The second is to create leading products. Focus on the characteristic, specialized, cluster development path, and strive to create a group of leading products with a high market share in the country, and cultivate more individual champions and invisible champion enterprises. Third, strengthen industrial chain cooperation and continue to extend to deep processing. Gradually from raw material suppliers to integrated solution suppliers, and continue to develop towards the high-end value chain.
Zhu Haodong, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Chizhou, said in his speech that Chizhou is an industrial new city that is accelerating the rise of the province to seize the opportunity to build a world-class trillion automobile industry cluster, focusing on key areas such as automotive lightweight materials, new energy battery materials, automotive electronics and power devices. At present, the city has gathered 72 auto parts enterprises and 66 aftermarket enterprises. Strive to build ten billion industrial clusters within three years. It is hoped that Chizhou will take this forum as an opportunity to strengthen the in-depth cooperation with the association, and make every effort to build an auto parts industry ecosystem with chain up and down, supporting left and right, complementary advantages and cluster development, so as to make Chizhou's contribution to the high-quality development of the auto industry in the province and even the whole country. In the future, Chizhou will continue to build a first-class business environment, and strive to provide good policies, good services, and good scenes, so that every innovation and entrepreneur can blossom.
Subsequently, Liu Xiaotao, general manager of Anhui Bao Magnesium Light Alloy Co., LTD., and other 7 experts made a wonderful report. Liu Xiaodao pointed out in the report "Join hands to enter a new stage of magnesium industry Development and jointly write a New Chapter of magnesium and a Common chapter" that China is rich in magnesium resources, magnesium materials have better emission reduction effect, and have the potential to become the fourth largest metal. Anhui Baomai has formulated five measures to create a high-quality magnesium industry ecosystem: first, to deeply cultivate the whole industrial chain and create "China's magnesium industry"; The second is to implement the innovation-driven strategy and establish the whole process innovation layout of the whole magnesium industry chain; Third, build a new high ground for magnesium industry and promote the construction of magnesium alloy related projects; Fourth, give full play to resource advantages, technological advantages, cost advantages and transportation advantages, and strive to build world-class magnesium-based new materials and lightweight application demonstration bases; Fifth, promote the cooperation of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the whole magnesium industry chain to create a good future of "magnesium".
Meng Xianming, chief expert of China Automotive Technology Research Center Group, pointed out in the report "Application of magnesium alloy in automotive lightweight" that the density of magnesium is only 23% of steel and 2/3 of aluminum, and the reasonable application in automobiles can reduce the weight by more than 10% to 30%, which is one of the important materials to achieve automotive lightweight. The magnesium alloy consumption of passenger car bicycles will reach about 45kg. With the development of magnesium alloy materials, design and process forming technology, the application of magnesium alloy auto parts is more and more extensive. In order to further promote the application of magnesium alloy in new energy vehicles, it is necessary to further develop high-performance magnesium alloy in the future, and constantly explore efficient and low-cost casting technology and connection technology.
Sun Lei, chief of the vehicle lightweight Division of Beijing Automotive Research Institute, with the title of "Automotive lightweight development prospects and demand for aluminum", pointed out that the annual amount of aluminum used in passenger cars shows an upward trend year by year, with an annual growth rate of about 10%, and it is expected that by 2030, the amount of aluminum used in domestic passenger cars can reach 9.1 million tons, and the growth rate of aluminum used in new energy vehicles is significantly higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. He believes that the future development of aluminum alloy in new energy vehicles should be based on the application scenario within the existing vehicle development system, with innovative applications as the direction, and continue to promote the research and development of new materials and new technologies.
Wang Guojun, vice president of Advanced non-ferrous Metals Research Institute of Chinalco Group and chief of Chinalco Group, made a report entitled "Lightweight connection technology of aluminum alloy body". On the one hand, the report introduces in detail the technical difficulties and research progress of aluminum alloy body connection technology in the promotion of aluminum alloy materials, including resistance spot welding process, mechanical connection process and MIG/CMT arc welding process. On the other hand, the paper introduces the current status of steel and aluminum hybrid body joint technology, mainly including Flexweld, friction plug, riveted welding, welding and friction stir joint technology.
Dr. Zhang Qi, technical manager of Guangdong Hesheng Industrial Aluminum Co., LTD., introduced the product advantages, application requirements and market status of automotive aluminum profiles in detail in the report "Requirements for automotive aluminum profiles and lightweight application bottlenecks". Because of its excellent comprehensive performance, high structural strength and light weight, aluminum profiles are widely used in automobile crash safety parts and common structural parts. In 2022, the annual penetration rate of aluminum bumpers has reached 18.5%, and the use of aluminum alloy in longitudinal beams, threshold beams, subframes and power battery lower boxes is less. The report pointed out that in the future, we should focus on improving the alloy level and manufacturing capacity, and continue to promote the application and promotion of aluminum profiles in auto parts.
Xiao Rong, chief engineer of die casting process of Chery Automobile Research and Development Center, introduced the development background of lightweight aluminum alloy and integrated die casting in the report "Application of high-strength die casting aluminum alloy material without heat treatment in the body weight", and explained the technical route of Chery automobile in these two aspects. Chery's original short process aluminum based process, no stamping and painting, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions; The first advanced manufacturing process, the creation of the world's leading technology "10,000 tons of double injection die casting machine" and zero inventory "product island", to achieve the ultimate cost.
Song Hua, deputy general manager of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. made a report entitled "Jiangqi Group supply chain development planning and vehicle lightweight Practice", the report briefly introduced the enterprise situation of Jiangqi Group, supply chain planning and lightweight product research status. At present, Jiangqi Group has four provincial vehicle production bases in Hefei, Anqing, Fuyang and Mengcheng, and three provincial vehicle production bases in Qingzhou, Shandong, Suining, Sichuan and Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Among the existing suppliers, Anhui provincial suppliers accounted for 26.5%, and the supporting amount accounted for nearly 60%. In terms of material lightweight, Jianghuai Automobile at this stage focuses on the research of high-strength steel, lightweight alloy, plastic steel and advanced non-metallic materials and other application technologies.
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