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6500 ton extrusion machine for yuefeng aluminum industry

August 7, 2018

In July 31st, Yuefeng aluminum industry held a 6500 ton machine press ceremony. The guests attended the ceremony, including Chairman Liu Guohua and its board members of yuyafeng group, the group representative one line, the leadership of the Wuxi municipal government, the president of the Wuxi Shipbuilding Industry Association and the leadership of the shipping enterprises, the Secretary General of the Jiangsu Auto Industry Association and the leadership of the auto industry, the construction industry, and other workers. We have more than 130 foreign partners, including banks, universities, and Britain, Australia, Singapore and other foreign partners.

At the festival, Mr. Wang Sen, executive director and general manager of Yuefeng aluminum industry, expressed heartfelt thanks to all the guests attending the ceremony, and introduced the development process of Yuefeng aluminum industry, the achievements of the transformation and upgrading of the company and the next key plan, and sincerely hope that the 6500 ton extruder will continue to go hand in hand with all the people. Create splendor.

Then, Hu Wei, the leader of the city of Wuxi, expressed his sincere thanks to the guests who had been on the spot, expressed the affirmation of the past achievements of the Yuefeng aluminum industry, and hoped that the Yuefeng aluminum industry could make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to all sectors of the industry through transformation and upgrading.

Government leaders, group chairman and board members, Yuefeng aluminum general manager, automobile, shipping, banking, University and other industry field representatives participated in the opening and cutting ceremony of the 6500 ton extrusion machine, which witnessed the beginning of the new mileage of Yuefeng aluminum industry.