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A major customer company to Yuefeng Aluminum for two party audit

May 25, 2023
Recently, a large customer company audit team to Yuefeng Aluminum for two days of audit.
This audit, the customer company around the system planning, quality inspection, performance evaluation, process control, quality improvement and other aspects of control requirements, the relevant documents, technical materials and site for careful audit. The audit team fully affirmed Yuefeng aluminum production process of technical capacity and capacity, the audit found in the problems put forward relevant suggestions. The technical quality person in charge of Yuefeng Aluminum Quality Management Center and relevant units and departments communicated and communicated with the auditing teacher about the problems found in the on-site audit, and defined the improvement measures and direction.
Yuefeng aluminum requirements, all units to adhere to the problem orientation, to the audit found in the problems to give high attention to the audit found problems to carefully analyze, draw lessons from one another, find reasons, develop measures; To take this audit as an opportunity, further implement the customer company's technology, quality agreement and related system document requirements, grasp the continuous improvement work, constantly improve the level of product quality, reduce quality risk, and further improve the degree and satisfaction of customers on Yuefeng aluminum products.
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