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After the epidemic, where is the way out for smart home channel merchants?

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Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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After the epidemic, where is the way out for smart home channel merchants?
After the epidemic, where is the way out for smart home channel merchants?

Abstract: using the Internet to do smart home is a good solution.

Recently, about "which industry will break out after the epidemic?" The discussion has become a hot spot on the Internet. In the smart home industry, we are also thinking about the impact of this epidemic on the industry, and what new opportunities will there be? According to Liu Lin, CEO of Yuefeng Aluminum Technology, a smart home consumer service platform, the epidemic will even bring about changes in the industry:

First, more people love home life, which will promote the popularization of the concept of smart home.

City life in recent years can be described in one sentence: the pace is getting faster and faster, and many people are so busy with work, entertainment and entertainment that they have no time to take care of home life. The epidemic just put the brakes on everyone and had to stop and sit at home, get along with their families and get along with life. Maybe people will be busier in the future, but I believe that the concept of a better home life and people's demand for high-quality home life will become stronger and stronger.

This change of consciousness will promote the popularization of the concept of smart home. In my opinion, smart home is a concept of life: to make family life more convenient, safe and healthy through intelligence. This coincides with the concept of good family life and high-quality home life.

Second, the mobile Internet has thoroughly entered people's lives, bringing opportunities for the development of the smart home industry.

Because of the epidemic can not go out during this period, although every household has televisions and computers, but everyone's attention must be on the mobile phone. Wechat, Toutiao, Douyin, games, all the work and entertainment of this era can be solved through mobile phones. The seamless connection between people and mobile phones, the real-time communication between mobile phones and mobile phones, and the mobile Internet have completely solved the gap between time and space.

If the smart home industry wants to achieve rapid development, it needs to be combined with this trend, to put it bluntly, where consumers' attention is, we go.

Third, more and better Internet marketing models will inject new vitality into the industry.

Due to the restrictions of the epidemic, many enterprises have opened the mode of telecommuting after the end of the Spring Festival holiday. From February 10 to 21, nearly 20 smart home companies have held online live broadcasts, including Lvmi, UIOT, Orebo and many other first-tier manufacturers.

Although it is the first time for many manufacturers to broadcast live, and the level is uneven, but under such specific conditions, the vitality that everyone unexpectedly burst out is still very gratifying. We have reason to believe that after continuous polishing, the new marketing model with live broadcast and short video as the core will bring a different scene to the industry.

Why do I always emphasize the use of the Internet to develop the smart home industry? Because after I visited the national smart home service provider, I found that both "pure online sales" and "pure offline sales" of smart homes are not valid.

The reason why the pure online sales of smart home is not established is that the overall solution is the commodity of smart home systems, smart door locks, electric curtains and other smart products with strong experience and service attributes. It includes product + scheme + implementation three major links, the sales process is more complex, need offline experience, customized intelligent scheme, and the implementation of installation after-sales service. This series of work cannot be carried out online alone.

The pure offline sales of smart home is not established, which also reflects the current situation of most channel merchants: the source of customers is small, and the input-output ratio of opening experience stores is low. Smart home is a new thing, and belongs to high-tech products, the market has not yet become a rigid demand. Relying solely on the natural flow of the experience hall is far from achieving a break-even, while relying on a large number of salespeople running to the community, the cost is high and it is difficult to manage. So, smart home pure offline retail is very difficult to survive.

Therefore, we believe that using the Internet to do smart home is a good solution, which is also the original intention of Zhihe home smart home service platform. This online drainage, offline experience transaction model, in many industries has been very mature. We refer to the Tuba Rabbit of the decoration industry, the decoration company of the automobile industry, the automobile 4S shop, and get a large number of interested customers through the Internet every day. Big data shows that customers in 4S stores who enter the store through Internet leads can achieve a transaction rate of 35% to 40%!

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