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Alumina: upgrading and transformation to strengthen the transformation from 0 to 1

March 23, 2020

Abstract: alumina enterprises must seize this favorable development opportunity, constantly improve their own production technology level, strengthen the transformation of technology "from 0 to 1", and improve the quantity and quality of alumina production. efforts to solve the problems of environmental pollution and excessive energy consumption can really promote the harmonious development of society and economy.

In order to solve the problem of lack of "from 0 to 1" original achievements in basic research in China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Natural Science Foundation Committee have jointly formulated a "basic research work plan" from 0 to 1. Basic research is an important tool of the country. A new round of scientific and technological revolution, industrial change and international competition all depend on the level and depth of basic research, and the price of alumina market is low at present. The production cost of the enterprise is high, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the production technology needs to be strengthened, so does the production technology of alumina enterprises need to be upgraded from 0 to 1? How should alumina industry develop under the current situation?

First, improve the conditions and improve the quality increment.

Alumina industry is an important part of aluminum industry. In recent years, the alumina industry in China has developed rapidly. In 2019, the output of alumina in China is 72.474 million tons, which basically meets the needs of domestic electrolytic aluminum production. At present, domestic electrolytic aluminum has implemented the policy of strictly controlling the total production capacity, and the overall demand of the corresponding alumina market is limited. Under the circumstances of increasing constraints such as resource supply, environmental capacity, and national macro-control, alumina enterprises need to further improve process equipment, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, safety and environmental protection and other working conditions, improve alumina enterprise productivity, and promote high-quality alumina production in all directions. As a result, the alumina industry has been improved by leaps and bounds.

Second, control the cost and optimize the layout.

In alumina production costs, raw materials account for more than 60%, energy consumption accounts for 20%, financial costs account for about 10%, and labor costs are less than 1%. For alumina enterprises, optimizing raw material supply can effectively control production costs. Bauxite is the main raw material for alumina production, while domestic bauxite is mainly diaspore. At present, the alumina-silicon ratio of bauxite in Henan and Shanxi is about 5.0, the lower bauxite is close to 3.0, and the leaching temperature is 260Mel 270 ℃. Its alkali consumption and energy consumption are relatively high, restricted by the shortage of resources and other reasons, the production cost of alumina enterprises in Henan and Shanxi is generally high. Enterprises can be biased to the southwest region for procurement or layout. At present, combined with the actual development situation, the state encourages alumina enterprises to transfer overseas. the quality of Guinean bauxite is relatively high, the reactive silicon is low, the alkali consumption and energy consumption are low, and the production cost is relatively low.

Third, improve technology and adhere to green and sustainable.

After the epidemic, the alumina industry will face a new round of reshuffle. Stimulated by the national policy, alumina enterprises should pay more attention to the promotion and upgrading of R & D to the development of the industry. Alumina enterprises should take the initiative to inject new impetus into the industry. The "strengthening" from 0 to 1 "basic research work plan" issued by the state is a window and opportunity for the alumina industry to realize self-"evolution". Green sustainable development is an eternal theme. Enterprises need to strengthen the transformation of alumina production technology, improve red mud extraction and reuse technology, and enhance the green transformation ability of enterprises, so as to really promote enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and green sustainable development.

With the continuous development of China's social economy and the continuous improvement of science and technology, the alumina industry has ushered in a very good development opportunity. Therefore, alumina enterprises must seize this favorable development opportunity and constantly improve their production technology level. Strengthen the transformation of technology "from 0 to 1", improve the quantity and quality of alumina production, and strive to solve the problems of environmental pollution and excessive energy consumption. It can really promote the harmonious development of social economy.

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