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Aluminum alloy has become an indispensable advanced material in the field of aerospace

August 22, 2019

Abstract: The overall structure of aerospace lightweight and high performance is becoming more and more widely used, and the use of aluminum alloy materials is widely used to promote the development of aerospace industry.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, China's aluminum alloy manufacturing process is in the high-speed development stage, is now widely used in various fields, especially in the aerospace has contributed. Aerospace lightweight, high-performance overall structure is increasingly widely used, a large number of aluminum alloy materials, driving the development of the aerospace industry.


Aluminum alloy has become an ideal structural material in many fields because of its easy processing, light weight, corrosion resistance and good strength. This is the requirement of material performance in aerospace industry. High strength and toughness, high corrosion resistance, high reliability, easy processing and large/super-large size products can be produced. Based on a series of requirements for large-scale, lightweight, long life and high reliability of aerospace components, higher requirements are put forward for new materials. High-performance aluminium alloys have become the key materials for aerospace manufacturing, which undoubtedly promotes the continuous development and application of aluminium alloys.


Materials are the basis and forerunner of modern high-tech and products, and are largely prerequisites for breakthroughs in high-tech. In recent years, the aviation design departments of the United States and Europe have found that the use of large integral aluminum alloy components instead of traditional combined aluminum alloy components, can reduce weight by 15-20%, and component life and reliability significantly increased. Obviously can feel that large passenger aircraft, strategic transport aircraft, fighter aircraft wing main wing beam, wing body butt ribs, fuselage bear frame and other high-performance aluminum alloy, components large-scale requirements more and more prominent, in general, in the field of aerospace, aluminum alloy materials have been re-emphasized.


Yuefeng aluminum's sense: In ancient times, we mainly to walk, horse-drawn carriage way out, even ships are luxury, students to Beijing may need to climb the mountain for several months, in the 1970s and 1980s, bicycles, motorcycles and other means of transport replaced the old-style transport, so that people's journey more convenient. With the emergence of "advanced means of transport" such as trains, ferries and planes, people's travel has changed dramatically, but not ordinary people can afford it, and now, high-speed rail, light rail to speed to beat the train, cars are many families can have the means of transport, once out of reach of the aircraft, become a modern people travel, General means of transport for play. This proves that the times are developing, relying on us to constantly explore, innovation, everything can not be turned into possible.


The era of "aluminum instead of wood" and "aluminum instead of steel" has come, and aluminum alloy has gained more far-reaching application development in the aerospace field because of its excellent performance. But we can not stop here, in the future, we have to more in-depth research technology, continuous optimization and innovation, this is our prerequisite for progress. In the face of China's development planning and demand in the aerospace industry, we should further enhance the technological level of Chinese industry in new materials such as aluminum alloy, and further enhance the international competitiveness of China's new materials.


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