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Aluminum Extrusions for Electronics

July 17, 2019

As a successful supplier to the electronics industry, our aluminum extrusions are used to fabricate hundreds of custom and standardized electrical components. Extruded aluminum can be found electronic gadgets and tools, electronic enclosures and highly efficient heat sinks.

What is An Electrical Enclosure?

An electrical enclosure made of extruded aluminum is a cabinet for electrical or electronic equipment to mount switches, knobs and displays. It is also used to prevent electrical shock to equipment users and protect the electronic contents from the environment.

Why Use Extruded Aluminum for Electronics?

Since many electronics use sensitive magnets, extruded aluminum is an ideal material to use because it is non-magnetic and does not spark, melt or rust. Aluminum extrusions are also lightweight, durable and versatile, meaning they can be customized to fit the needs of any project. Most importantly, extruded aluminum conducts electricity twice as well as copper.


Aluminum extrusions can also be found in electrical systems like automobile radiators and air conditioners, condenser tubes, nuclear reactors, pharmaceutical thawing units, the heating and cooling devices of computers and audio/visual systems.

Aluminum Products from YueFeng Aluminium Industries

At YueFeng Aluminium Industries, we are dedicated to developing high-quality aluminum extrusions for electronic devices, electrical systems and various other uses. When you use YueFeng Aluminium as your source for extruded aluminum, we guarantee that your electronic devices will run safely and efficiently. Purchase our made-to-order extrusions for electronic devices or electrical enclosures today and you will enjoy the versatility and strength of aluminum.


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Whether you are looking for a made-to-order product or a custom made solution, when you work with YueFeng Aluminium, you'll always find the perfect fit.