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Aluminum magnesium new material industry in Luliang City has grown steadily

August 4, 2023
In accordance with the overall requirements of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee to promote high-quality development in an all-round way, Luliang City to enhance the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain as the goal, to strengthen the "chain master" enterprises as the basis, to promote project construction, the introduction of advanced enterprises, strengthen the foundation of development, vigorously cultivate the aluminum magnesium deep processing industry chain, and promote the high-quality development of the city's industrial economy.
Luliang is recognized as an advantageous area for the development of aluminum and magnesium new materials industry in China. The city is rich in bauxite resources, with proven reserves of more than 649 million tons, accounting for nearly half of the province and nearly one-sixth of the country. The city's production capacity reaches more than 15 million tons, accounting for two-thirds of the province's total production capacity, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the national total production capacity; At present, the industrial chain development pattern of "bauxite - alumina - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum magnesium intensive processing" has been initially formed, and there are 10 alumina production enterprises, 1 electrolytic aluminum enterprise, and 6 aluminum magnesium deep processing enterprises, of which aluminum China Resources has an alumina production capacity of 1.8 million tons and electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 500,000 tons. In 2022, the city's alumina output is 13.519 million tons, the primary aluminum output is 487,000 tons, and the annual output value of aluminum and magnesium industry chain is about 45 billion yuan.
In Luliang City, CHINALCO China Resources is the main chain enterprise, and Senze Coal and aluminum, Taixing Aluminum and magnesium, Hangyu and other enterprises are the chain enterprises to develop the industrial chain of "bauxite - alumina - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum deep processing"; With Dongyi Magnesium Industry as the main chain enterprise, the development of "metal magnesium - magnesium alloy - magnesium deep processing" chain, to create a green cycle of aluminum magnesium deep processing industry chain.
Launched four major traction projects to build the foundation for industrial cluster development. Chalco China Resources plans to purchase the production capacity of Taiyuan East Aluminum through equity cooperation with Huayang Group, transfer and replace the production capacity of Jinneng Silicon Aluminum Company, and start the 500,000 tons electrolytic aluminum project of ChalCO China Resources Phase II. Liulin Senze and CITIC Decca reached a cooperation intention to build Liulin County Green electric aluminum Recycling Industrial Park with a total investment of 15 billion yuan, forming 40 million precision auto parts, 100,000 tons of recycled aluminum, 450,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum, 2,000 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power generation and 500 megawatts of wind power generation capacity; Jiaokou County introduced 100,000 tons of high-quality magnesium alloy project from Shandong Xinfa Shangma, and is carrying out preliminary work; Xiaoyi Dongyi Group 50,000 tons of high-quality magnesium alloy project is going through the approval procedures, and strive to start construction within the year.
Launch aluminum and magnesium post-processing project to build a new material industry chain for aluminum and magnesium industry. Aluminum magnesium deep processing industry chain is one of the 10 key industrial chains in the province, and it is also one of the advantageous industrial chains that Luliang focuses on building. Relying on the main chain enterprises such as Chinalco China Resources, Shangma Hang Yu 3D printing phase II, Aluminum Master high-end aluminum based new materials and other aluminum processing projects, Luliang City has developed and expanded the "alumina - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum deep processing" industrial chain; Relying on Dongyi Group and other chain main enterprises, Shangma Taixing Aluminum magnesium based new material science and technology data Industrial Park and other projects, the development of "metal magnesium - magnesium alloy - magnesium deep processing" chain, to create a green cycle aluminum magnesium deep processing industry chain.
Shangma upstream and downstream link project, to create a professional town of aluminum magnesium new materials. In accordance with the "1+8+N" professional town development idea, Luliang City focuses on building a municipal professional town of Xingxian aluminum magnesium new materials, and has introduced a number of measures in terms of spatial planning layout, industrial chain layout, market system layout, life service layout, etc., to support the development and growth of leading industries and promote the doubling of market players. Strive to form 4 million tons of bauxite, 2 million tons of alumina, 1 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, 2 million tons of aluminum magnesium material deep processing and 8 million tons of bulk solid waste comprehensive utilization capacity, and build a market entity gathering platform and a high-quality development platform for aluminum magnesium new material industry.
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