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Aluminum processing industry: work together to fight the "epidemic"​ do not relax, self-confidence and self-improvement to the future

March 24, 2020

The Spring Festival in 2020, the menacing COVID-19 epidemic, set off a war without gunpowder smoke. The ever-changing figures and the severe epidemic affect the hearts of the whole country. Words such as "Wuhan refueling" and "China refueling" became the strongest blessings throughout February.

During this period of time, in the face of the outbreak of the epidemic, we have the panic and confusion at the beginning, the helplessness of home isolation, but also the courage and determination to move forward without fear of life and death. For China's aluminum processing industry, temporary impact and impact are inevitable, but the challenges to survival and development need aluminum processing enterprises to meet the difficulties, understand the opportunities and find a good way out of the predicament.

"production cannot be carried out, the trade situation is grim, the prices of raw and auxiliary materials are abnormal, the sales channels are blocked, and the capital chain is tight." Instead of seeing the impact of the epidemic on the aluminum processing industry as a crisis, it is better to see it as an opportunity for industrial upgrading and industry reshuffle. And this phased "pulse" will not change the fundamentals of the long-term improvement of China's aluminum processing industry.

The China Nonferrous Metal processing Industry Association pointed out that although the epidemic may cause a certain increase in enterprise costs in the short term, it will not damage the production capacity, technical equipment and production efficiency of China's aluminum processing industry. nor will it weaken the international competitiveness of China's aluminum processing industry; the domestic market is still the primary guarantee for the sustained and steady development of China's aluminum processing industry. Therefore, under the headwind, the more stable the enterprise is, the more it can withstand the pressure, the more it can face up to the crisis, strengthen confidence, and make high-quality products, the more it can seize the opportunity of industry transformation and development, and stand in an invincible position.

Often, the more critical it is, the more necessary it is to ensure good order. It is gratifying to note that under the predicament, many aluminum processing enterprises have released a positive signal of "overcoming difficulties together", from door and window production enterprises to auxiliary materials and equipment enterprises, from financial support to material donation. These enterprises put love together into a strong energy to fight the epidemic, showing a strong social responsibility and responsibility. As the epidemic prevention and control, patient treatment, drug research and development have entered a new stage, the vast number of aluminum processing enterprises also actively and orderly carry out the work of resuming work and production, adjust their own business strategies in a timely manner, and strive to maintain stable production efficiency and manufacturing strength in the fight against epidemic.

In the face of the ravage of the virus, the whole country is full of soldiers, working together to overcome difficulties; in the face of the future of the industry, enterprises that do not accept fate, dare to innovate, and self-confidence are gathering strength. Who dances in the sky with color training? I believe that when the "campaign" is over and the wind and rain fade, China's aluminum processing industry will also be reunited with a better spring!