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Aluminum template nine advantages

June 21, 2023
1. Short construction period
The aluminum alloy building formwork system is a quick mold removal system. The wall post formwork can be removed 24 hours after pouring concrete, the beam side formwork can be removed 36 hours later, the beam bottom and the plate bottom formwork (non-bearing) can be removed 48 hours, the plate bottom bearing pillar can be removed 12 days later, the bottom bearing pillar can be removed 14 days later, and the cantilever pillar can be removed 28 days later. The normal construction of the aluminum alloy template can reach three or four days -- layer, which greatly saves the management cost of the contractor.
2, the number of reuse, the average cost of use is low
The aluminum alloy building formwork system uses the aluminum alloy profiles formed by the whole extrusion as raw materials (6061-T6), and is processed into aluminum alloy templates of various sizes and specifications required by the project. The standard construction of aluminum alloy formwork can be recycled for about 200-400 times, and the average use cost is low. ;
3. Convenient and efficient construction
The assembly of aluminum alloy building formwork system is simple and convenient, completely assembled by manual, without the assistance of any mechanical equipment (workers usually only need a small hook, a small hammer, convenient and quick), skilled installation workers can install 20-30 square meters per person per day (compared with wood mold, aluminum mold installation workers only need 70%-80% of wood mold installation workers, And there is no need for technical workers, just a simple training of the construction personnel before installation).
4, good stability, high carrying capacity
All parts of the aluminum alloy building formwork system are assembled by aluminum alloy formwork. After the system is assembled, an overall frame is formed with good stability. Reasonable arrangement of bearing columns, bearing capacity can reach 30KN per square meter.
5, wide range of applications, high recycling value
Aluminum alloy building formwork is suitable for wall, column, beam, horizontal floor, stairs, windowsill, floating platform and other locations; After the aluminum alloy building formwork is scrapped, the residual value is high and the average cost advantage is obvious.
6. The concrete surface effect is good after mold removal
After the aluminum alloy building template is poured concrete, the surface quality of the concrete after the removal of the template is smooth and smooth, which can basically meet the requirements of the finish and exposed concrete, and there is no need to batch swing, which can save the cost of batch swing. .
7. Convenient on-site management
All parts of the aluminum alloy building formwork system can be reused, and after the construction and installation of the aluminum alloy formwork is completed and the demolition is completed, there is no garbage on the site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy.
8, standard, universal, low carbon emission reduction
Aluminum alloy building template size specifications, according to the project using different specifications template assembly, when the used template applied to new construction projects, only need to replace about 20% of the non-standard size specifications of the template, effectively reduce costs. All materials of the aluminum alloy building formwork system are renewable materials, in line with the national regulations on energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction for building projects. Many developed countries have banned the use of wood molds in construction projects; For board construction, templates of renewable materials are required.
9. Convenient support system
In the traditional wood formwork construction method, the construction technology such as floor and platform generally adopts full support, which costs labor and materials, and has no operating space.
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