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Binzhou: To promote the world's high-end aluminum base with aluminum as the base

June 19, 2023
On June 16, the Information Office of Binzhou Municipal Government held a press conference on the annual conference of China aluminum processing Industry in 2023.
Liang Yongli introduced that Binzhou aluminum industry started in 2001, is the only national high-end aluminum high-tech industrialization base recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, is also the national lightweight aluminum new material new industrialization industry demonstration base and the province's only national regional (city) industrial card to build the first batch of pilot cities, in many fields to create the first in the country, the world's most. It has won the reputation of "the world's aluminum industry looks at China, and China's aluminum industry looks at Binzhou". In 2022, the output value of the cluster reached 477.8 billion yuan, and the city's alumina production, electrolytic aluminum and aluminum processing accounted for 23.2%, 13.3% and 11.1% of the national output, respectively, ranking first in the country.
Based on aluminum, the development blueprint of the cluster is drawn. Binzhou will high-end aluminum industry as the "backbone" of industrial development, set up a high standard industrial class, coordinated to promote cluster reshaping and change, the class was awarded the "Courage to innovate Award" advanced collective by the provincial Party Committee and provincial government. Formulate special industrial development plans with high standards, and create a "one base and multiple parks" industrial ecosystem with a high degree of agglomeration and accurate development positioning. A number of Policies for Building the World's High-end Aluminum Base have been issued to provide comprehensive policy support for industrial development from 12 aspects.
Leading, force on the chain, consolidate the foundation of industrial development. The industrial cluster has a total of 237 enterprises, including 142 enterprises on the plan, and has built the world's most complete industrial chain aluminum industrial cluster with Weiqiao Entrepreneurship as the leader and innovative metal, Bohai Piston and other enterprises as the backbone. At present, a large number of lightweight projects have accelerated their landing, constantly injecting vitality and vitality into the development of the cluster.
Technology empowerment, innovation linkage, enhance the development of core competitiveness. We strive to build high-level innovation platforms and promote in-depth cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. We have built 19 technology platforms above provincial level and 2 post-doctoral research workstations. It has won 4 provincial and above science and technology awards, 1 Provincial Governor Quality Award and 1 National Quality Award each. The mechanical arm rail girder designed and produced by Shandong Yuhang fills the gap of lightweight mechanical transmission equipment in China; The aluminum-based silicon carbide material developed by Zhongke Composites is used in Chang 'e-5 lunar soil drill pipe, which has effectively cracked the problem of Western countries' "stuck neck" on China's technology.
Forward-looking layout, low-carbon drive, racing green development track. Binzhou City actively implement the "double carbon" strategy, guide enterprises to seize the "green aluminum" development tuyere, Weiqiao research and development of 600 thousand an electrolytic cell technology, is the world's first industrial production of the largest electrolytic cell, ton of aluminum energy consumption is the lowest, the highest degree of automation, flue gas purification efficiency of more than 99.8%. The all-aluminum body and all-aluminum carriage developed achieve lighter weight and larger load, helping to reduce carbon by about 340,000 tons per year. Build a world-class recycling industrial park with high standards to create an excellent spatial carrier for the green and sustainable development of the cluster.
In the next step, Binzhou City Industry and Information Bureau will give full play to the role of high-end aluminum industry classes, continue to work hard and for a long time in the cultivation of advantageous industrial clusters, and strive to build the world's high-end aluminum base.
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