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Building aluminum formwork

June 1, 2024
Building aluminum formwork, also known as aluminum alloy formwork, is a new type of building construction formwork. The following is a detailed introduction to building aluminum formwork:
1. Definition and production
Building aluminum formwork is mainly made of aluminum alloy profiles through machining and welding, and is suitable for concrete engineering formwork. It is designed according to 50mm modulus, and is composed of panel, rib, main profile, plane template, corner template, early removal device, etc. The design and construction application of this form reflects the innovation of concrete engineering formwork technology, is also the promotion of prefabricated concrete technology, and also shows the industrialization of construction technology.
Second, classification and application
Aluminum alloy formwork system can be divided into two categories: pull rod system and pull sheet system according to different stress modes. This type of formwork is not only suitable for urban management corridors, public buildings, residential buildings and other formwork systems, but also especially suitable for residential buildings. In addition, aluminum formwork is also widely used in water conservancy projects, tunnel construction and stage construction.
Third, advantages and characteristics
1. ** Long service life ** : The average life of aluminum alloy formwork can reach 300-500 times or more, much higher than the traditional wood formwork and steel formwork.
2. Good stability ** : All the structures of the aluminum template are assembled from aluminum alloy, and an overall frame is formed after assembly, which has high stability and bearing capacity.
3. ** High construction efficiency ** : The assembly speed of aluminum template is fast, which can greatly shorten the construction period. At the same time, the aluminum formwork is lightweight, reducing the dependence on heavy lifting equipment, easy handling, and reducing the demand for labor.
4. ** High quality ** : The aluminum template has high precision and small error of the structural opening, which can ensure the flatness and evenness of the building and improve the overall quality of the building.
5. ** Environmental protection and sustainable ** : Aluminum formwork can reduce the noise and dust of the construction site and improve the working environment. Moreover, although its initial investment is higher than that of traditional wood formwork, due to its high number of recyclable uses, the cost can be greatly reduced in the long run, in line with the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development.
Iv. Precautions and shortcomings
1. ** Large initial investment ** : compared with ordinary wood mold, aluminum template costs more, and needs to be customized, and the cost is larger.
2. ** Requires professional operation ** : Aluminum formwork is a new material and a new process, and the operator's technology may be uneven, requiring professional training and guidance.
3. ** Design changes are not easy ** : Aluminum formwork requires accurate construction structure drawings and architectural drawings during design, which has high technical requirements for the project. Once the template is processed, it cannot be modified during on-site installation.
In general, construction aluminum formwork with its high precision, high efficiency, high stability and environmental sustainability advantages, has been widely used and promoted in building construction at home and abroad. However, its high upfront investment and professional operation requirements also limit its application in some projects.