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Changsha Yuefeng New Material 15 automatic production lines will be fully put into operation

June 2, 2023
Raw materials are stacked neatly in place, and equipment installation and debugging are carried out intensively... Into Changsha Yuefeng New Material Co., LTD., located in Wangcheng economic zone, workers are carrying out operations methodically. "The 15 automated production lines in the first phase of the project are expected to be fully put into operation before July, after which the production capacity will reach 130,000 tons with an annual output value of about 4 billion yuan."
It is reported that the total investment of Yuefeng new material phase I construction exceeds 1 billion yuan, covering an area of 100 mu. As a research and development manufacturer of aluminum magnesium alloy products, Yuefeng's new material products are widely used in aerospace, rail transit, new energy vehicles, 3C electronics, mechanical equipment, wind power generation and other fields.
"We currently have an 800t to 11,000t step configuration of aluminum and magnesium profile extrusion equipment, capable of producing industrial aluminum and magnesium profiles up to 850 mm in cross-section." Liu Qiang, director of production technology of new materials of Yuefeng, introduced that the company has the production capacity of seven series of aluminum magnesium and aluminum alloy through seven core technologies, such as the nucleation crystal technology of aluminum alloy, the manufacturing process of new ultra-high strength and high toughness aluminum alloy, and the hardening and aging process of aluminum alloy.
Strong production capacity comes from strong scientific and technological innovation strength. Through the cooperation with Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Central South University and Hunan University to set up high-performance Al-Mg alloy product production and research base, Yuefeng New Materials with the mode of "research before the field", smooth the characteristic road of industry-university-research results transformation. Wang Kaifeng, foreign liaison Office of Yuefeng New Materials, said: "Behind our research and development base is even the factory, and the research and development results are directly tested in the factory."
"The park has always attached great importance to the growth and development of enterprises, and has provided us with a lot of help in terms of investment attraction and policy support." The chairman of Yuefeng New Materials said that in the future, the company will continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, and play its role as a high-tech enterprise for the high-quality development of new material industry and advanced manufacturing industry in the park, the whole province and even the whole country.
In 2022, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone nonferrous metal deep processing characteristic industrial base was selected as the national Torch characteristic Industrial Base. At present, the park has a solid foundation and obvious characteristics in the characteristic industries of deep processing of non-ferrous metals. It has gathered 12 enterprises such as Yuefeng Technology, CITIC Dicasca and Jinchi Energy, covering 11 types of non-ferrous metal processing categories such as copper, aluminum, tungsten and beryllium, and has subdivided industries such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, hard materials and energy storage materials. With a number of "new forces" such as Jingge New Materials settling down, investing and putting into operation, the industrial chain of non-ferrous metal deep processing characteristic industries from raw materials and semi-finished products to equipment application will be constantly improved and optimized.
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