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China Aluminum Yuefeng Technology Co., Ltd. officially put into operation 2500 tons extruder

March 27, 2019

A few days ago, the special material Department of China Aluminum Yuefeng Technology Co., Ltd. officially put into operation 2500 tons of extrusion press, marking the company's further improvement in extrusion capacity, and laying a good foundation for the development, production and technological innovation of multi-alloy and multi-specification pipe products, providing a reliable guarantee for the expansion and application of pipe products, will better help Yuefeng Aluminum Company in the future development.


Grasp New Opportunities and Develop New Kinetic Energy


Facing the vast market space of aluminium alloy pipe, in order to improve the market competitiveness of pipe products, Yuefeng Branch of China Aluminum accelerated the upgrading and transformation of extrusion system equipment in the old line of special materials department, and implemented the renewal and replacement of old equipment and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Since mid-July 2018, on the basis of the former Soviet Union's 3500-ton horizontal hydraulic press, Yuefeng Science and Technology Company has begun construction and installation of a new 2500-ton horizontal double-acting extruder.


The 2500 ton extruder not only bears the production task of the company's military aluminium alloy pipe, but also is the main equipment for the production of all kinds of thin-walled pipe and thick-walled pipe. It also provides the following materials for the production of round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe, such as calendering, stretching and thick-walled pipe, which meet the technological requirements. The rapid commissioning of 2500 tons extruder is of great significance for special material company to adjust product structure and realize the specialized and large-scale production of multi-alloy and multi-specification pipe.


In this regard, the Special Materials Company attaches great importance to, closely cooperates with the equipment system and construction units of Dongguan Light Company, carefully arranges, scrambles for time, and actively solves the difficulties in the construction process; the Equipment Group of the Manufacturing Department takes the lead in organizing a meeting every day, arranges a special person to be responsible for tracking the project construction, carefully completes the procedures and safety monitoring work, and effectively implements them. Construction quality, progress and matters needing coordination. With the close cooperation of the three parties, it took less than five months to complete the installation of 2500 tons extruder main engine, auxiliary machine, induction furnace, die furnace and other auxiliary equipment with the high quality and high efficiency of installing the whole safety accident rate of zero. On December 3, 2018, with the first extrusion material slowly and smoothly extruded, 2500 tons of extruder formally entered the debugging stage of belt material. In the process of installation and commissioning, the leaders of Dongguan Light Company have been to the project construction site for many times to guide, give on-site personnel care and encouragement, and strengthen the determination and will of all personnel to race against time, resolutely complete the project with high quality and high standards.


A project, from planning, construction to putting into operation, has been full of twists and turns, hardships and challenges, involving the joint efforts of many parties. On the basis of close cooperation with equipment system and construction units of Dongguan Light Company, Special Materials Company effectively coordinates internal equipment group, technical group and extrusion area to form a Lean Project group, and jointly exerts joint efforts to promote the early commissioning and early efficiency of the project. New equipment, new parameters and new challenges are both opportunities and challenges for project teams. After the start of the test run, a variety of problems came up one after another, and the difficulties encountered greatly exceeded expectations.


Wang Yue, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Science and Technology, said, "The central line of debugging equipment is the most critical issue for extrusion pipe." In order to overcome difficulties with firm determination and sense of responsibility, the project team will work hard to tackle key problems and work together to study and formulate feasible measures. At the same time, Yuefeng Science and Technology Company requires project team personnel to quickly master the professional skills of equipment testing and debugging. To this end, the project team repeatedly tested the various procedures of the equipment, debugged the various components of the equipment, considered the process, heating system, extrusion speed, metal flow rate, extrusion coefficient and so on. The extrusion process was formulated on the upper computer. Through the extrusion of each ingot, a series of problems such as internal and external surface quality, wall thickness unevenness, curvature, front elbow, etc. Making full use of the maximum capacity of the equipment, countless checks of various data parameters, to achieve the rationalization of the process system. After one month's exploration and improvement, the project team will break through the problems of uneven wall thickness of pipe, transportation of extruded billet, misalignment of die assembly and unstable extrusion speed in the process of debugging one by one, which ensures the success of the whole machine linkage and the commissioning of the waiting test run.


Starting from a New Starting Point and Creating Innovative Achievements


According to the overall arrangement of Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd., the Party branch of extrusion work area has recruited young activist operators to participate in the installation and commissioning process as early as possible, so that young people can be familiar with the equipment performance and operation as soon as possible. After having the conditions of trial production, the extrusion area is carefully organized. First, two trial production shifts are arranged for man-machine running-in. Four days later, the three-shift production mode is officially opened. Team members work in shifts day and night, working overtime has become a common meal in the work area, we all aim in the same direction, full escort 2500 tons of extruder officially put into production. Under the leadership of the industrial area and project team, the operators began to grope for work, producing about 10-15 ingots per shift, and after being familiar with the operation, they studied how to effectively shorten the auxiliary time and steadily improve production efficiency. For example, in the process of ingot transmission extrusion barrel feeding, it is particularly important to discharge the second material in time and enter the barrel in time. Operators try and grope repeatedly, so that the production of each shift can be increased to about CNY20.


In the trial production process, it is also found that the pressure of the four hydraulic cylinders is too small and the return force is insufficient, which makes it difficult to return the extrusion cylinder. It takes about two hours each time. This problem not only seriously affects the production efficiency, but also causes waste of energy such as human and machine. Wang Bin, Secretary of Party Branch and Chief Operating Officer of Extrusion Works Area, led Party members and backbone members of the Works Area to try out various solutions. Finally, by improving the method of lubricating the back end of the support, the difficulty of returning the extrusion cylinder was effectively solved, so that the extrusion cylinder could reach second return, greatly improving the production efficiency.


Through a trial production of more than one month combined with the contract material, Yuefeng Aluminum Company has successfully completed the extrusion task of more than 200 pieces of multi-alloy multi-specification ingot for two batches of the contract finished material, and 2500 tons of extruder has met the normal production conditions. After seven months of struggle, while ensuring the steady progress of daily production, the Yuefeng Branch of China Aluminum has effectively guaranteed the healthy and rapid commissioning of the 2500 tons extruder construction project with its strong execution, combat effectiveness, responsibility and solidarity.