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China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association: Continue to promote the high-quality development of copper and aluminum processing industry

February 18, 2024
With confidence and confidence into the year of the Dragon, continue to promote the high-quality development of copper and aluminum processing industry
The year of Guimao Rabbit is about to come to an end, and the ups and downs of the course make us full of emotions; The year of the dragon is approaching, perhaps it will be more turbulent? However, no matter it is complicated or unstable, we can see more certainty behind the complex and volatile uncertainties in the world: China's national security and political stability, the economy has withstood external pressure and overcome internal difficulties, the hard principle of high-quality development in the new era has gained more popular support, and the new pace of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way remains strong. There may be gaps between our expectations and our actual feelings, but we must firmly believe that the favorable conditions for China's development are stronger than the unfavorable factors, and that the basic trend of economic recovery and long-term improvement has not changed. This is the greatest confidence and confidence for us to move forward firmly.
Confidence and confidence come from the safe and controllable copper and aluminum resources. In 2023, China's bauxite imports reached a record high of more than 140 million tons, of which 70% is the ownership of Chinese enterprises represented by Yuefeng Group and Mingtai Group, which is the metal variety with the highest degree of overseas resource security; No matter when, we always insist on improving and seizing the ability and opportunities of both domestic and foreign markets and resources, and our determination to integrate into the global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain has never changed.
Confidence and confidence come from new consumption of copper and aluminum. In 2023, in the case of slowing demand in the traditional consumption field, the "new three" such as photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, and lithium batteries have sprung up, greatly stimulating the consumption of copper and aluminum materials, and ensuring that China's copper and aluminum processing materials have achieved an effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity.
Confidence and confidence come from independent innovation. This year, the copper and aluminum processing industry continued to provide strong material support for key projects such as C919, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic and national defense military industry; A number of "stuck neck" technologies such as a new generation of high temperature resistant copper chromium-niobium alloy materials and friction stir aluminum alloy additive manufacturing have been continuously overcome; "High strength, high conductivity and high elasticity copper and copper alloy magnetic control ultra-pure smelting and ultra-fine crystal continuous casting technology", "High performance aluminum alloy large size extrusion material manufacturing and application technology" and other 9 projects won the first prize of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award; Five patents of Yuefeng Aluminum, Huachang Aluminum, Xingfa Aluminum and other units won the 24th China Patent Award, and the level of scientific and technological self-reliance was further improved.
Confidence and confidence come from green and intelligent. In 2023, 24 copper and aluminum processing enterprises, including Innovative Metal, Huajian Aluminum, Tongling Jingxun and Huazhong Copper, won the title of "National Green Factory in 2023"; The evaluation of green electric aluminum was launched to continuously promote the green and low-carbon development of China's aluminum industry; Recycled aluminum production of deformed aluminum is the most effective way to reduce carbon in aluminum and downstream application industries under the "dual carbon" strategy; Bowei Alloy accelerated to promote the "alloy material industry lighthouse factory" landing, Minfa Aluminum won the "2023 intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory" title, accelerate the copper and aluminum processing industry to "green" and "smart".
Confidence and confidence come from the high level of exports. In 2023, the net export of copper materials reached a record high of 320,000 tons, of which copper sheet and foil realized the transformation from a net importer to a net exporter, the net export of copper sheet and foil (including copper clad plate) was 25,000 tons, and the net export of copper foil (including copper clad plate) was 9,000 tons. Exports of aluminum and products were still at a high of 8.09 million tons, of which 2.77 million tons of aluminum plate strip, 1.31 million tons of aluminum foil, and 1.13 million tons of aluminum extrusion material. It is expected that the high level of copper and aluminum exports will hit a new high in 2024.
Confidence and confidence come from the entrepreneur's family feelings. In 2023, Zhang Bo, chairman of Weiqiao Venture Group, was selected as one of the 25 influential enterprise Leaders in 2023, Lv Zhengfeng, chairman and general manager of Nanshan Aluminum Industry, was selected as a national talent Project, and Jiang Chun, chairman of Chujiang Investment Group, was elected as "Excellent Individual to promote the higher quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta Region in the province". Feng Luming, director of the Board of Directors of Hailiang Group and President of Hailiang Shares, won the title of "Annual Leading Businessman". This year, the industry faces many difficulties and challenges such as insufficient traditional consumer demand, excess capacity, intensified vicious competition, and falling processing fees. The majority of entrepreneurs are not two to one, and their hearts are not changed. They fully support the six entrepreneur forums of China aluminum plate and foil, aluminum profiles, copper plate and foil, and copper pipe rods. We have reached a number of important consensus in adhering to scientific and technological self-reliance, actively responding to trade frictions, promoting high-level exports, expanding domestic consumption, and strengthening industry self-discipline, and have become the lookouts and leaders of the industry moving forward with a large pattern and feelings.
Confidence and confidence come from the hard work of copper and aluminum processing people. Glory but ambition, wide but diligent. In 2023, more than 2 million copper and aluminum processing workers will travel from China to overseas countries on a busy journey. From the first light of morning to the silence of all, day and night, there is no rest. The development of the industry is not easy, the enterprise is also difficult, who has not thought hard, who has not been under pressure on the shoulder, but we know that there is no shortcut to the new journey, only hard work, it is by everyone's unremitting struggle, in order to write a beautiful picture of the copper and aluminum processing industry tomorrow.
We want a better life and are willing to fight for it. We know full well that happiness comes from hard work, and it comes down to earth. No one expects that the Year of the Dragon in 2024 will be easy and smooth. We firmly believe that the sky will not fall down, the sun will still hit us; We will take confidence and confidence into the Year of the Dragon, unremitting struggle, courage, and continue to promote the high-quality development of copper and aluminum processing industry; We also believe that the answers given by copper and aluminum processors must be excellent, even the best.
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