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China Railway twenty-two bureau group visited Yuefeng aluminum industry to discuss cooperation matters in depth.

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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We have been using YueFeng Aluminium as a supplier for a number of years, however since the new management team took over responsibility about four years ago they have become not only a supplier they have become a strategic partner supplying not only parts to our business but also solutions and advances in extruded Aluminium components.

—— Bretti--Manufacturing Director

YueFeng continue to provide excellent manufactured products and offer services aligned perfectly to our requirements. They are able to dovetail into our fluid sales requirements whilst consistently delivering to schedule.

—— Gavin Sykes--Managing Director

Your products are very popular in our market.

—— Mr. Clive

Good Quality, Best Service supplier that we met until now.

—— David Little

You always can give me the best plan ,and it lets my customer feel great,i hope we can have another chance to cooperation.

—— Michael

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China Railway twenty-two bureau group visited Yuefeng aluminum industry to discuss cooperation matters in depth.
China Railway twenty-two bureau group visited Yuefeng aluminum industry to discuss cooperation matters in depth.

As a return visit to Yuefeng Aluminum Group's headquarters in Beijing, and in order to actively implement the cooperation consensus reached at the first high-level talks between the two sides, and further explore the specific implementation plan and entry point, on September 6, Wang Fei, Director of the Group's Business Planning Department of China Railway Twenty-second Bureau, and his party visited Yuefeng Aluminum Industry to inspect the instructors. Do. Zhu Hongbo, Deputy Director of Enterprise Development Planning Department and Zhu Yongqiang, Senior Engineer of Material and Equipment Department of the Bureau were accompanied by the inspection. Wang Guohua, President of Yuefeng Aluminum Group, Liu Qiang, Vice General Manager of Marketing, Aluminum Division, and Chen Jie, Vice General Manager of Technology received the delegation warmly.


The delegation made a field visit to Yuefeng Aluminum Wuxi Headquarters and got a detailed understanding of the basic situation of production, research and development, sales and so on.

In the extrusion workshop, Mr. Wang expressed his heartfelt admiration for Yuefeng's 22 years'dedication to the field of aluminum profile processing. In recent years, the company through the cooperation with China Institute of Space Technology, accelerate the traditional manufacturing industry intelligent transformation is fully affirmed.


Knowledge of workshop workers' production operations

In the mold workshop, Chief Engineer Zhu Yongqiang showed great interest in the whole process from CAD drawing to mold finishing. He praised the technicians for their exquisite machining skills. He said that this fully embodied Yuefeng's craftsman spirit of excellence.

Understand the development history of Yuefeng enterprise

In the testing center, director Liang Yukeng briefly introduced the research and development situation of the company to the visitors. According to rough statistics, Yuefeng has obtained nearly 400 patents since it was recognized as a state-level laboratory, and has obtained nearly 30 major scientific research achievements in provinces and municipalities. In 2017, Yuefeng successfully joined hands with Jiangnan University to establish the "Institute of Aluminum Processing" to continuously deepen the integration of production, learning and research.


Understanding of urban rail transit materials

In the exhibition hall of the enterprise, the delegation and the party have a comprehensive understanding of the history of enterprise development. It has intuitive experience for building profiles, industrial profiles, all aluminum furniture and other materials and objects. In the face of many innovative, multi-functional doors and windows products and aluminum furniture in wood furniture in waterproof, insect-proof, zero formaldehyde, easy to recycle and many other advantages, the delegation members unanimously said that these products will be very popular in the market.

Understand the brand mobile phone board electronic and electrical materials.

At the symposium, Director Wang said: "Both sides have reached a high-level consensus on cooperation, the current task is how to implement specific details. As a construction enterprise, China Railway Twenty-second Bureau has a wide range of demand for Guangya products and great potential for cooperation between the two sides. Chief Engineer Li Yongqiang is very optimistic about the market prospects of the system doors, windows and traffic track materials. He hopes that the two sides can strengthen technical cooperation, superimpose their advantages and cooperate through some specific projects to land as soon as possible.

Knowledge of doors and windows and all aluminum furniture products

Li Xingqiang, president of the group, said: "The cooperation between China Railway 22nd Bureau and Guangya has many complementary advantages in terms of products and business. Through cooperation, both sides can explore more market opportunities. From the perspective of enterprise management, both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have their own advantages. The important position of state-owned enterprises in the national economy and the management flexibility of private enterprises can be combined organically. At present, when the state-owned enterprises are mixed and improved, cooperation with the private enterprises can also play a constructive role in promoting the reform of the state-owned enterprises in depth.

China Railway 22nd Bureau is the main force of the national infrastructure construction. Its business involves railway, municipal administration, housing construction, water conservancy and hydropower, urban rail transit and other fields. Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the top five building aluminum profiles enterprises in China. The cooperation between the two sides will surely have a broad space for growth.
                                                                                      (Editor: Han Yong)

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