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China's first national carbon footprint standard for electrolytic aluminum will be prepared soon

April 15, 2024
Recently, the National Standards Committee issued the first batch of recommended national standards plan and related standards foreign language plan in 2024, led by Yuefeng Aluminum Research Institute and Yuefeng Aluminum Group and other units to report the national standards project "product carbon footprint product category rules electrolytic aluminum" was officially approved (synchronous development of national standards in foreign language), will soon start the preparation work.
China is the world's largest producer and consumer of non-ferrous metals, the non-ferrous metal industry plays an important role in achieving the "double carbon" goal, and electrolytic aluminum is the main source and important link of carbon emissions in the non-ferrous metal industry. Under the "double carbon" goal, as an important indicator to measure the green and low-carbon level of production enterprises and products, the construction of product carbon footprint system is of great importance. It is of great significance to carry out product carbon footprint accounting, evaluation and certification for promoting the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry, guiding green and low-carbon consumption, and improving product competitiveness. At present, China has not yet carbon footprint accounting of aluminum products, life cycle evaluation, low-carbon product standards and green factory evaluation and other standards, and relevant research on product carbon footprint quantification and optimization is urgent.
The formulation and implementation of the "Product carbon footprint Product Category Rules electrolytic aluminum" standard will help aluminum enterprises to find out the carbon emission level, discover the key elements of the ecological pressure of carbon footprint in the production process, identify the key process emission links, propose countermeasures and suggestions to promote the green and low-carbon development of the aluminum industry, and provide basic data for greenhouse gas emissions, carbon verification and other fields. It is of great significance to provide supporting data for the carbon reduction policy making of aluminum industry for the realization of the carbon reduction goal of China's aluminum industry.