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Chinese bullet train "opens"​ into the Czech Republic, Yuefeng aluminum supplies all car body structure aluminum profiles

October 10, 2019

China's high-speed rail has made a new breakthrough in the EU market. Recently, the Czech EMU trains manufactured by China Railway Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CRRC") have been shipped to Europe, and the first batch of trains will be put into operation in the (Pardubice) and ZL í n areas of Pardubiz in December this year. It is understood that all the body structure aluminum profiles and more than a dozen kinds of deeply processed products used by the EMU train are supplied by Yuefeng Group, a global manufacturer of aluminum processing products.


China EMU drives into EU for the first time


In December 2016, China Railway Co., Ltd. signed a three-train EMU supply contract with Jiecrio Express Railway Company. According to the contract, the scope of supply includes 3 EMU, initial spare parts, special tools, testing equipment and training services.


At present, China Railway Co., Ltd. is on schedule to complete the delivery of three EMU, will cost about 5 billion CZK. According to reports, the EMU train is designed, developed and built by Czech Design Studio, China Railway Plant, Yuefeng Aluminum Technology and other domestic suppliers. The appearance is black, the train is divided into six sections, and the aluminum alloy car body. The maximum operating speed is 160 km/h; The train is compatible with two power systems and has the ability to operate barrier-free on Czech, Slovak and Polish railway lines at the same time.


This type of EMU adopts articulated bogie, which can pass through smaller horizontal curve and has stronger operation adaptability. The use of low floor technology, so that the entrance to the door from the track only 0.6 meters, not only convenient for passengers to get on and off, but also effective use of the existing platform.


According to the technical experts of China Railway Co., Ltd., humanized design is also a bright spot of the train group. The car is divided into first-class seats and second-class seats to meet different travel needs of passengers; The train has a kitchen, provides fresh snacks, and provides sufficient storage space for baby carriages, bicycles, skis and suitcases, as well as special cubicles for family travelers. Standard and general toilets are available for use by people with disabilities, and infrastructure such as power sockets, USB connectors, air conditioning and WiFi are provided to provide a comfortable ride experience for passengers.


As one of the main suppliers of aluminum profiles for the EMU train project, Yuefeng aluminum technology, the global leader of aluminum industry, supplies more than ten kinds of deep processing products, such as all car body structure aluminum profiles and large parts of car body aluminum profiles, machining upper and lower beams of car body, bending of car body profiles, etc., and friction stir welding technology is applied to the side wall. Liu Lin, deputy general manager of Yuefeng Group, said: "in the supply of the project, there are two kinds of profiles used in the world's 22500 tons of super-large aluminum extruder, the equipment and technical requirements are quite strict, the challenge is very great."


Yuefeng Aluminum uses its strength to promote "made in China" Trains to lead the World


With the development of high-speed rail and bullet train technology in China, "made in China" train has become one of the core business cards of China's advanced manufacturing, and more rail transit in the world also have the figure of "made in China".


As a major manufacturer of rail transit equipment in China, CRRC and its subsidiary China Railway Co., Ltd. have become the main force of China's high-end equipment "going out". Relying on strong product R & D and manufacturing capabilities, Yuefeng Group supplies aluminum alloy profiles for CNRC and its subsidiaries, allowing more and more foreign consumers to enjoy the convenient transportation brought by "made in China".


Prior to this, Yuefeng Group has been working with China Railway Co., Ltd. for many years and is a supplier of aluminum profiles for the car body of China Railway Co., Ltd. In the process of expanding to overseas markets, Yuefeng Group has been relying on high-end car body aluminum profile products and deep processing products to help China Railway Co., Ltd. in the process of expanding to overseas markets, Yuefeng Group has been relying on high-end car body aluminum profile products and deep processing products. China Railway Co., Ltd. for Malaysia, Turkey, northern Macedonia and other countries to provide rail transit vehicles, are the use of "Yuefeng aluminum."


This is the first time that China Railway Co., Ltd. has entered the European Union market by supplying three EMU trains for Jiecrio Express Train Co., Ltd. As a high-end market of global rail transit equipment, the European Union has strict technical requirements and entry threshold for train quality and reliability. The EMU project signed by China Railway Co., Ltd., which spans the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, is one of the important strategic plans for the connectivity of the European Union itself. However, due to the disunity of railway rules, dispatching and signal systems in European countries, railway equipment manufacturers need to meet higher requirements in order to enter the European market.


Liu Lin said: "this is the first project of CRRC in the European Union. Both CNRC and Yuefeng Group attach great importance to this. The project is quite strict in terms of the complex structure of aluminum, the weight control of the whole car body and the overall quality. "

In the Czech EMU train supply, the biggest challenge is to meet the different rail transit environment between the three countries. "the car body production standards are carried out in accordance with the EN755 European standard, CNRC also has its own standards used in domestic high-speed rail, urban rail, this standard is more stringent than the European standard." Liu Lin said.

It is reported that before the delivery of the project, the three EMUs need to pass strict testing and certification to meet the requirements of the TSI technical standard for European railway connectivity. After passing the test, the first trains will open in the Pardubize and Zilin areas in December 2019.


Yuefeng Group has always been a leader in the global aluminum processing industry, in the rail intersection field of high-end aluminum product research and development, has the core advantages of the industry, for many cities at home and abroad EMU, subway projects to provide a batch of high-quality car body aluminum alloy profiles. Yuefeng Group is also one of the few domestic enterprises that can develop and manufacture aluminum extrusion products from 300km/h, 350km/h to 400km/h high-speed railway car body, some large cross-section products. For example, the skin extrusion profile of the front part of the high-speed railway, the integrated coupler panel of Fuxing train and the integrated skirt plate, only two or three enterprises such as Yuefeng Group can produce it at present.


At present, China's industry is facing industrial upgrading and strategic transformation. Chinese bullet trains reflect the level of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and are gradually becoming "hot goods" in the construction of countries all over the world. Yuefeng Group and other high-end aluminum enterprises will seize the opportunity, take advantage of the situation, increase investment and R & D efforts, strive to seize the commanding heights of the world, control the technical voice, and add impetus to China's becoming a modern equipment manufacturing power and power.


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