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Classification society expert group visited Yuefeng aluminum special material

September 4, 2023
On August 29, a group of experts from the Classification Society (CCS) visited Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material to discuss and exchange matters concerning aluminum alloy friction stir welded plate (FSW) entering the Classification Society factory approval and product inspection. Yuefeng Aluminum special material management, technology research and development department, quality assurance Department and other relevant personnel participated in the exchange meeting.
It is understood that friction stir welding technology is a solid phase connection technology since the advent of laser welding technology in the 20th century, and has been applied in bulk in Marine engineering, rail transit, automotive lightweight and aerospace and other fields. Because the connection method has the advantages of novel technology, green manufacturing process and excellent joint performance, classification society plans to introduce this technology into its inspection guide and conduct product approval management and acceptance as an independent chapter.
As the main solution and component material supplier of friction stir welding plate of aluminum alloy for Marine engineering at home and abroad, Yuefeng Aluminum Special Material has accumulated rich field experience and technical reserves in aluminum alloy friction stir welding process research, material connection database construction, welding structure optimization design, and lightweight application of aluminum alloy materials. During the exchange, the two parties had in-depth discussions on the scope of application of friction stir welding plate specifications, approval documents, and technical requirements of friction stir welding. The key points in the inspection guide, such as equipment requirements, WPS (welding process assessment) scope control, non-destructive testing methods and frequencies, test sampling schemes, and welding result acceptance standards, were communicated in detail and reached consensus.
The classification society expert group also visited Yuefeng aluminum special material exhibition hall, extrusion production line and ultra-long double-sided friction stir welding production line, watched the production process of Marine aluminum alloy profiles, friction stir welding on-site welding process, and discussed the molding difficulties and control points in the production process.
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