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Yuefeng Aluminum won the Customs "Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate"

September 4, 2023
Recently, Yuefeng Aluminum has obtained the advanced certification enterprise certificate approved by Zhangjiagang Customs, marking that the company has obtained a pass for global trade, not only to enjoy the convenient policy of Chinese customs, but also to enjoy the priority of international customs clearance in 31 countries and regions such as Singapore, South Korea and the European Union that are mutually recognized with China. Including simplifying customs clearance procedures, reducing inspection rates, and prioritizing business.
It is understood that AEO advanced certification focuses on import and export business, systematically reviewing the enterprise's management system related to foreign trade business, the completeness of various management systems and the standardization of various foreign trade business processes. Passing AEO advanced certification is conducive to the improvement of the enterprise's overall management ability and foreign trade practical business ability. It will help foreign trade businesses enjoy more convenient services and policy dividends of the customs system.
The AEO advanced certification work lasted for one year, during which the company attached great importance to, the marketing center took the lead to coordinate various departments of the company, carried out AEO advanced certification training meetings for customs for many times, and constantly improved the company's rules and regulations and operating processes in import and export business to ensure compliance with the requirements of the certification work.
In the next step, the company will further strengthen the internal process management, continue to improve the professional level of the team, constantly improve the quality of service, and contribute to the high-quality development of the company.
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