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Cleaning methods and precautions for removing oil from aluminum and aluminum alloys

August 17, 2023
The oil removal of aluminum alloy is an important process in the surface treatment of aluminum alloy parts. If the oil removal of aluminum alloy surface is not clean, the future processing work will be difficult to carry out. The pollutants that need to be removed on the surface of the parts include: various oil stains, residual polishing paste, hand marks, oil seals, surface wax, etc. that are contaminated by the aluminum alloy parts in the processing process of stamping, turning, milling, etc. Oil removal methods can be divided into solvent oil removal, chemical oil removal, electrochemical oil removal, etc., the following to introduce the difference between these several oil removal methods.
Chemical degreasing
Chemical degreasing is used to remove invisible oil, surface dust, trace anti-rust layers and some small amounts of pollutants formed during transport or production. Chemical degreasing includes alkaline chemical degreasing and acid chemical degreasing.
1. Alkaline chemical degreasing
Alkaline oil removal is one of the most commonly used methods. The principle of oil removal is to achieve the purpose of removing these two types of oil by means of the saponification of saponified oil by lye and the emulsification of non-saponified oil by surfactant.
2. Acid chemical degreasing
Acid degreasing treatment is also a widely used degreasing method, acid degreasing agent is generally composed of inorganic acid or organic acid, surfactant, corrosion inhibitor and penetrant.
Features: No need to warm, at room temperature can have a good oil removal effect. If heated to about 40℃ can significantly improve the oil removal effect; The working cylinder can be made of hard PVC when oil is removed at room temperature, and PP should be used when heating oil is removed.
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