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Die casting aluminum radiator

November 15, 2019

In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, heating has become a must-have for every household in winter, Yuefeng aluminum technology on the radiator (commonly known as radiator) to popularize a little knowledge. We should all know that in the market, die-casting aluminum radiator is higher than the price of other materials! What is it about?

Aluminum price.

High quality die casting aluminum radiator aviation aluminum, as an ideal medium for thermal energy conversion, the European standard EN46100, price per ton is more than CNY14000, the cost is higher than some materials.

Thermal conductivity.

For thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity of aluminum radiator is 237w.k, high pressure resistance and high thermal strength of metal. According to the test of the National testing Center, the metal thermal strength is 2.27W/Kg ℃, and the aluminum radiator has the advantages of large heat, fast heat dissipation and high efficiency. The unique chimney-like structure of die-cast aluminum can make the interior warm and comfortable in 15 minutes. This is also an important factor for more users to choose it as the heating end.

Production process.

The manufacturing process of die-casting aluminum radiator is complex, including melting, die-casting, deburring, pressure test, electrophoresis, spraying and so on. It is precisely because of its easy extrusion forming, will be extruded into a variety of shapes, so the appearance is novel and beautiful, strong decoration. In addition, it is worth mentioning that after die-casting aluminum surface treatment, it is first coated with electrophoretic paint, and then sprayed with external paint, the color is round, the degree of beauty is extremely high.

Appearance modeling.

Because aluminum radiators originated in the European market, coupled with strong artistic edification, high-end, elegant, beautiful, fashion and other elements have been injected into the genes of aluminum radiators, which is also in today's increasingly diversified market. It is the reason why it can be favored by more people who pursue quality life.

Other advantages.

Aluminum radiator is more lightweight, convenient to carry and install, at the same time, the requirement of water quality in the system is almost zero, and there is no need to do full water maintenance. High-pressure cast aluminum is the principle of chimney heat dissipation, tuyere facing indoor, contrary to the wall, also known as "non-smoked wall radiator." The high pressure cast aluminum is made of EN46100 aviation aluminum die casting, the wall thickness of the waterway is 2.0mm, the working pressure is less than 2.0MPa, and the service life is about 15 years. At the same time, the waterway is inside the radiator, the heat dissipation fin is exposed, it is the secondary heat dissipation, and the surface temperature is about 50 ℃. What is passed to you and your family is the most comfortable and safe temperature.

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