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Home - News - Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. passed the Aluminum Management Initiative ASI Chain of Custody standard V2 certification

Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. passed the Aluminum Management Initiative ASI Chain of Custody standard V2 certification

March 19, 2024
Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. has obtained ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard V2(2022) certification for its three branches located in Yanping District, Nanping City, Fujian Province, China. The certification includes a casting plant that produces aluminum alloy ingots, an extrusion plant that produces aluminum alloy profiles for construction and a production department that produces industrial aluminum alloy profiles.
The Aluminum Management Initiative ASI announced on March 14 that Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the ASI CoC Standard V2(2022) certification. The company was certified for performance standards for the same facility in October 2023. Its products serve a variety of industries such as construction, communications, industrial equipment, cold chain logistics, vehicles, transportation and aerospace, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons.
ASI CoC Standard V2 specifies requirements for creating chains of custody for materials produced and processed through the value chain to different downstream sectors. The implementation of ASI CoC standards links proven practices in successive steps of the supply chain (certified against ASI performance standards) to products produced by ASI-certified entities. The CoC standard also confirms that appropriate policies and due diligence processes are in place to identify and address critical issues, such as corruption, human rights abuses, materials from conflict-affected and high-risk areas of the supply chain, and to support responsible sourcing.
Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., LTD. This independent third party certification is performed by DNV Business Assurance Services UK. For a complete list of certification results outlining evidence of compliance and minor noncompliance, see page 5 of the Summary Audit report. Two minor non-conformities were identified in Guideline 1.5 Communication and Training and 9.5 Information verification. Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. will implement the corrective action plan, and its implementation will be verified in a follow-up audit.
"We congratulate Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. on obtaining ASI CoC Standard V2 certification. Achieving this milestone demonstrates their commitment to transparency and supplier due diligence throughout the supply chain and to promoting responsible sourcing practices within the aluminum industry. This certification is a testament to their efforts to contribute to a more sustainable future in the various industries they serve, from construction and electronics to transportation and aerospace."
Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer, ASI
"Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., Ltd. is honored to receive the ASI CoC certification and is proud to extend its commitment to the comprehensive and sustainable aluminum industry value chain. With ASI PS and CoC certification as the starting point, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to promote product transformation and upgrading, build the whole industrial chain of responsible sourcing products, and work with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to build a more green and sustainable aluminum industry value chain."
-- Wang Kaifeng
Chairman and general manager of Fujian Yuefeng Aluminum Co., LTD