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Yuefeng precision successfully completed the transformation of large band saw machine

March 19, 2024
Recently, Yuefeng Precision actively implemented the spirit of Yuefeng Professional Congress, investigated safety hazards around the working area equipment, and reformed the large band saw machine.
The large band saw machine is the main production equipment of Yuefeng precision deep processing operation area, which is responsible for the sawing task of thick sheet material. The height of the table is 600mm, and the distance between the saw blade debugging operation runner and the table is 1000mm. Saw machine table surface with emulsion and hydraulic oil, the surface is slippery. Each time the saw blade is installed or adjusted, the operator must climb on the workbench and stand on the workbench to operate the wheel, which is easy to sprain the foot after landing, and there is a risk of personal injury to the operator. In the face of safety risks, the deep processing work area uses the corner waste of aluminum profiles to make step benches, lay anti-slip pattern boards on the stool surface, and place them on the side of the sawing machine to assist the operator on the stage. And the work surface pedal position is also laid with a pattern plate to do non-slip treatment, convenient for the operator to operate.
The introduction of the step stool avoids dangerous behaviors such as climbing by the operator and reduces the risk of falling injury. The laying of the pattern plate also increases the friction and reduces the possibility of the operator slipping and falling. The design of the step stool makes the operator stand properly and step steadily, so as to make the operation more convenient and safe, and the hidden danger investigation and solution have been widely recognized by the field operators.
The implementation of the transformation of the large band saw machine is a vivid practice of Yuefeng Aluminum's progressive incentive and restraint management of front-line staff safety work in Donglight and Precision. Yuefeng Precision will continue to check hidden dangers and make up for weaknesses in safety work, complete established production tasks safely and efficiently, and welcome the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China with good business performance.
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