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Interpretation of the 2020 edition of "Specification and conditions for Aluminum Industry"​

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Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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Interpretation of the 2020 edition of "Specification and conditions for Aluminum Industry"​
Interpretation of the 2020 edition of "Specification and conditions for Aluminum Industry"​

Abstract: in the context of changes in the macro environment, the 2020 edition of "access conditions for the Aluminum Industry" is generally more prominent to guide high-quality development and improve the management mechanism of the policy main line.

On February 28, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Aluminum Industry Standard conditions" with the announcement No. 6 of 2020, which is a revision of the 2013 edition of "Aluminum Industry Standard conditions". It is also the second revision since the release of "Aluminum Industry access conditions" in 2007 (the 2013 version will revise the name to "Aluminum Industry Standard conditions").

Yuefeng Aluminum organized a team of experts to seriously study and study the 2020 version of "Aluminum Industry Standard conditions", and sorted out our understanding of the policy for enterprises' reference.


In recent years, the domestic aluminum industry has undergone certain changes compared with 2013 in terms of industrial policy, industrial scale, industrial structure, resource situation and environmental protection requirements. At the same time, its own technology and equipment, energy saving and emission reduction level have also been greatly improved. Therefore, in order to adapt to the reality of the development of the aluminum industry and give full play to the leading role of the "normative conditions of the aluminum industry" on the development of the industry, it is very necessary to revise it.

In the context of changes in the macro environment, the 2020 edition of "Aluminum Industry access conditions" is generally more prominent to guide high-quality development and improve the management mechanism of the policy main line. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

I. Policy orientation: "promote supply-side reform and promote high-quality development"

In recent years, the supply-side reform of China's aluminum industry has achieved remarkable results, the disorderly expansion of electrolytic aluminum production capacity has been effectively curbed, the historical crux of overcapacity has been completely eliminated, and has entered a new stage of improving the quality of development. Speeding up transformation and upgrading, promoting technological progress, and improving the comprehensive utilization rate of resources and the level of energy conservation and environmental protection are the focus of the development of the aluminum industry at present and for a period of time in the future. The 2020 edition of "normative conditions of the Aluminum Industry" will "promote the supply-side structural reform of the aluminum industry, promote the technological progress of the industry, and promote the high-quality development of the industry" as the policy orientation, in line with the changes of the times and in line with the realistic needs of today's industrial development.

II. Policy scope: guiding documents for established enterprises.

The 2020 edition of "Standard conditions for Aluminum Industry" is applicable to bauxite mining, alumina, electrolytic aluminum and recycled aluminum enterprises that have been completed and put into production. It is the evaluation and approval of projects that have been running stably for more than one year, and new enterprises are no longer included in the scope of norms. It is emphasized that it plays a guiding role in promoting technological progress and standardizing the development of the industry, and does not have the preposition and compulsion of administrative examination and approval. It can only be used as a reference for financial institutions or local governments to support related projects. In addition, fluoride, carbon and other auxiliary materials enterprises are no longer included in the management category of the 2020 edition of "Aluminum Industry Standard conditions".

Third, the setting of the system: it not only maintains the continuity, but also embodies the advanced nature.

Compared with the 2013 edition of "aluminum industry standard conditions", the overall framework of the 2020 edition of "aluminum industry specification conditions" has not changed. As new projects are no longer involved, except for changing the pre-requirements such as "Enterprise layout, scale and external conditions" in the first section of the 2013 edition to "overall requirements", the remaining content settings remain unchanged, they are (2) quality, technology and equipment, (3) energy consumption, (4) resource consumption and comprehensive utilization, (5) environmental protection, (6) safety in production and prevention of occupational diseases, (7) standardized management, (8) Supplementary provisions, etc., with a total of eight parts, maintaining the continuity of the normative conditions. At the same time, in order to reflect the advanced nature of the normative conditions, the setting of technical and economic indicators is modified according to the actual situation, which improves the overall level of requirements, and highlights the concept of innovation and green development. In addition, it further emphasizes the use of market-oriented means, puts forward the requirements of the construction of management system in the links of quality, energy, environmental protection and safety, and encourages enterprises to carry out third-party certification, which aims to improve the quality, safety and environmental protection level of enterprises through professional source management.

(I) overall requirements.

Emphasize the legitimacy and compliance of the project and other prerequisites; as new projects are not involved, the enterprise layout, production scale, capital ratio and main external conditions are no longer required. In addition, the importance of bauxite resources guarantee for alumina production is emphasized, but the specific requirements for the proportion of supporting mines and guarantee years are cancelled, which is more in line with the current situation of domestic bauxite resources and the actual situation of extensive use of imported bauxite.

(2) quality, craftsmanship and equipment.

It emphasizes the effective connection between the relevant indicators and the industry standards, cancels the year suffix of the quoted standards, avoids the problem that they cannot be corresponding due to the revision of the standards, and ensures the unity of the norms and standards; in addition, a new quality requirement index of recycled aluminum is added to meet the practical needs of the continuous development of China's recycled aluminum industry.

For the production equipment of electrolytic aluminum, the specific requirements to meet the capacity of 160kA and above are cancelled, and the description of "large pre-baked cell technology with high efficiency, low consumption and environment-friendly" is replaced, and the equipment and process prohibited or eliminated by the state shall not be adopted, which leaves room for innovation for the development of electrolytic aluminum technology in the future. In addition, new requirements have been added to encourage the construction of intelligent mines and factories, highlighting the advanced and leading nature of the standard conditions.

(3) Energy consumption.

Enterprises are required to establish, implement and maintain an energy management system that meets the requirements of relevant standards, and encourage the adoption of third-party certification of the energy management system. According to the different types of bauxite (diaspore and gibbsite), the energy consumption index of alumina production is differentiated, which is more targeted and comparable. For electrolytic aluminum production, the 2013 version of the energy consumption index has been revised, and the comprehensive AC power consumption of liquid aluminum has been adjusted from 13350 kWh / t to less than 13500 kWh / t (excluding desulphurization and denitrification). According to the actual energy consumption of the industry, Antaike estimates that more than 50% of the enterprises can meet the requirements of the specification.

In addition, the production process of alumina from fly ash which has not been industrialized has not been mentioned in the 2020 edition of "Standard conditions of Aluminum Industry".

(4) consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources.

The three indexes of bauxite mining recovery rate, mineral processing recovery rate and comprehensive utilization rate must comply with the relevant standards, and the specific index requirements will no longer be made in the specification conditions. In alumina production, according to the difference of Al / Si ratio of bauxite, the requirement of recovery is distinguished. Compared with the 2013 edition, the unit consumption of alumina, fluoride and carbon in electrolytic aluminum production has not changed; the content of encouraging the recovery and utilization of waste heat of electrolytic aluminum has been increased, which is a new technology of comprehensive utilization of energy in the electrolytic aluminum industry in foreign countries. it can reduce the unit energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum production to a certain extent, and it is also the development direction of improving energy efficiency in China's electrolytic aluminum industry.

(5) Environmental protection.

It is emphasized that enterprises should abide by the relevant laws, regulations and policies of environmental protection, establish an environmental management system, and encourage third-party certification through the environmental management system. The pollutant discharge of alumina and electrolytic aluminum enterprises must comply with the relevant national or local emission standards, and the quantitative target that the fluorine emission of electrolytic aluminum projects must be less than 0.6 kg / ton aluminum has been cancelled. It is emphasized that the discharge of key air pollutants from projects in key areas should be implemented in accordance with relevant national and local regulations, and projects without special emission limits are encouraged to implement relevant special emission limit standards (requirements), leaving room for the improvement of environmental protection requirements.

(6) Safety in production and prevention and control of occupational diseases.

While requiring enterprises to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations on production safety and occupational disease prevention, it emphasizes the establishment of occupational health and safety management system, and encourages enterprises to pass the third-party certification of occupational health and safety management system.

(7) standardize management.

The application, examination, publicity process and cancellation conditions of enterprises in the aluminum industry have been standardized, the management methods have been refined, and the responsibilities and obligations of each subject have been clarified. in particular, the industry associations and other institutions to organize relevant experts to review the application of enterprise reports, as well as the requirements of organizing on-site verification if necessary, the procedures are more perfect and the requirements are more stringent. At the same time, it defines the time schedule of the annual audit, which reflects the dynamic management mechanism of "in and out" and the concept of normal management, which will play an important role in promoting the initiative of enterprises to carry out production and operation.

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