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Jiangsu Yuefeng 12000T intelligent die casting unit officially put into operation

July 4, 2023
On June 30, Jiangsu Yuefeng Technology Co., Ltd. held the commissioning ceremony of Guangdong Yuefeng Auto Parts Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary, in Huangpu District, Guangzhou.
The operation of the Guangzhou base has achieved an important breakthrough in the field of integrated die casting for new energy vehicles of Jiangsu Yuefeng, and laid a solid foundation for the company to further expand its business in related fields in the future. It is understood that the Guangzhou base started work on September 1, 2022, lasted for ten months and successfully put into production, setting a "Yuefeng speed" in the industry. The first phase of the Guangzhou base was invested in a set of 7000T and 12000T die-casting units, which can produce large-scale integrated die-casting aluminum alloy structural parts such as the front cabin, battery tray and rear floor. The 12000T intelligent die casting unit is the largest die-casting unit that has been equipped in the world, which can achieve intelligent and efficient production of large structural parts such as integrated front cabin, rear floor and battery tray for cars, SUVs and MPVS. It is expected that the annual output of new energy vehicle front cabin, rear floor, battery tray and other aluminum alloy die casting parts will exceed 10,000 tons. As the Oems increase the use of integrated die casting structural parts with lighter weight and lower cost, Yuefeng is expected to gallop on the integrated die casting track through technological innovation and strategic planning layout.
For this new production base, Zhang Libo, president of the China Die Casting Association, commented, "At present, the process equipment and product quality of a number of excellent casting enterprises have ranked among the first array of strong casting enterprises in the world." Among them, the most eye-catching head enterprises include the ultra-large die-cast lighthouse factory of Yuefeng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. that we witnessed today."
Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Yuefeng has always adhered to the unique daring and enterprising drive at the forefront of reform and opening up, and always adhered to the spirit of self-reliance necessary to be at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation. In the new journey of high-quality development, Yuefeng has the courage to innovate, the pursuit of excellence, leading the development of the industry, constantly overcoming key core technologies, and constantly improving management and production levels.
As a leader in the field of die casting in China, in recent years, the company has created many firsts in the global die casting industry: the first listed die casting enterprise; The first company to develop 2000T magnesium alloy die casting equipment; The first enterprise to implement liquid aluminum distribution; The first company to introduce 3500T large die-casting equipment. Recently, Yuefeng has successfully put into production the first domestic 6800T, successfully developed the world's largest tonnage 12000T super-large intelligent die casting unit, successfully landed the first national enterprise technology center in the national die casting industry, and repeatedly created national glory. This not only marks the company in the field of die casting further, but also marks the Chinese die casting industry in the high-end, intelligent, green, super large-scale development of the road to the international leading level.
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