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Malaysia's three major rail projects flowering Chinese enterprises, China Yuefeng aluminum technology supply all car body aluminum profiles

Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
Good quality Aluminium Profiles for sales
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Malaysia's three major rail projects flowering Chinese enterprises, China Yuefeng aluminum technology supply all car body aluminum profiles
Malaysia's three major rail projects flowering Chinese enterprises, China Yuefeng aluminum technology supply all car body aluminum profiles

China's first overseas fully automatic driverless light rail vehicle project, the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Line 3 driverless light rail train has been officially signed, marking a major step in The Development of China's driverless trains overseas.


Recently, China Motor Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Motor Company") and Malaysia National Infrastructure Corporation in Kuala Lumpur signed the Kuala Lumpur Line 3 42 driverless light rail train contract, which is China's first overseas fully automatic driverless light rail vehicle contract. In the first half of this year, the Malaysian government also signed a contract for the purchase of 13 hybrid electric vehicles and nine modern super-motor vehicles. Behind these three orders, the industry "stealth champion" China Yuefeng aluminum also contributed "to help", Malaysia's three rail projects of all car body aluminum profiles and part of the deep-processed car body aluminum profile, will be supplied by its long-term strategic supplier, China Yuefeng Aluminum.

China exports fully automatic driverless light rail train for first time overseas

As Kuala Lumpur's first six-section automatic unmanned urban rail transit vehicle, the unmanned light rail train on Line 3 Kuala Lumpur uses GOA4-class technology and is the highest level of driverless rail vehicles. The technology is completely free of drivers and crew members, the vehicle under the unified control center control to achieve fully automatic operation, automatic train sleep, wake, prepare, self-test, automatic operation, parking, switch doors and car wash, as well as in the event of failure to achieve automatic recovery and other functions.


In addition, the project will also use advanced three-track flow, four-track reflow technology. The application of this technology is also the first of its kind in the domestic rail transportation equipment industry, which can completely solve the stray current that is leaked from the current to the road bed and other objects when the current is returned through the rail, thus further enhancing the operational safety and stability of the vehicle's electromechanical system.


The line is expected to be completed in 2020, when the train will run at a maximum speed of 80 km/h, carry ingress with a maximum capacity of 1,271 passengers and will serve an average of about 74,000 passengers per day.


"Driverless trains reflect the needs of today's rail transit development and are characterized by efficiency. We also lightweightdesigned the project and used many new materials to make it more environmentally friendly and efficient. Zhou Qing, chairman of China Auto Co., Ltd. and an interview with the media, said, "This winning order enriches our product platform, let us go out more strength and bottom."


The particularity of this project also makes Yuefeng Aluminum Group, the main supplier of its car body aluminum profile, work hard in the light-weight design and manufacturing aspects of technical attack. Wang Qiang, Deputy General Manager of Yuefeng Group, said: "The Driverless City Rail Project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the first driverless city rail project to be made out to sea for the first time. In the technical requirements of the car body aluminum profile signed by the two sides, the complex structure of the body aluminum and the weight control of the vehicle body is quite strict, after many technical exchanges, from profile mold design, manufacturing to extruding production process, to ensure the lightweight supply of aluminum profiles required for the vehicle body, which is a great challenge to the profile manufacturing process. Now we have overcome the related issues from a technical perspective, meet all the requirements of technical agreements and achieve mass production to meet the overall development of the rail transit market lightweight. "

Tailor-made rail transit system according to market conditions

Among the orders for 13 HEVs and 9 modern super EMUs signed by Malaysia and China Railway Station, China Railway Station has specially built the metre-gauge electric hybrid EMUs for Malaysia. With supercapacitor technology, it is expected that the train will run at a speed of 100 kilometers and four sections at the time of delivery. The passenger capacity of the group is more than 500 people.


Because Malaysia has a one-meter wide gauge locally, it is more difficult to develop metre-gauge EMUs than standard EMUs, because the narrower the track, the higher the requirement for the smoothness of train operation, Bogies and body strength design. According to the relevant person in charge, the Malaysian EMU adopts the world's most advanced European standards and the International Railway Union standards, and the whole vehicle has passed the certification of third-party companies from design, production and test. Zhongche Locomotive Company used self-developed metre-rail bogies, articulated bogies, DK-2 braking system and other core components for its products exported to Malaysia, and successfully applied for patents in Malaysia.


As a long-term strategic supplier, Yuefeng Aluminum Group has been developing and innovating to provide high-end body profiles. "Yuefeng Aluminum has reached a long-term strategic cooperation with Zhongche-Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. for most rail delivery projects next year, Yuefeng Aluminum will not only supply all body profiles, but also increase the supply of deep-processed products." Wang Qiang said.


This is also the development goal of Yuefeng Aluminum in China: to upgrade from the production of pure aluminum processing products to the "lightweight integrated solution supplier". Therefore, Yuefeng Aluminum Rail Transit Department not only takes technological innovation as the premise, but also establishes the design room and welding center of rail transit car body. It also combines the strength of Yuefeng Group's R&D and technology center, develops R&D according to customer needs, and transforms R&D achievements into new products as soon as possible. "Yuefeng Aluminum not only integrates technological innovation with actual production and manufacturing, but also provides after-sales service for all extruded and deep-processed products." Wang Qiang believes that the complete set of design, production and after-sales service will be Yuefeng Aluminum's biggest competitive advantage.

"Made in China" trains enter the high-end market

With China's medium-sized trains driving domestic rail transit industry clusters to "go to sea", China's rail transit equipment has been expanding rapidly in the overseas market, and related "go out" projects have spread all over Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa and other parts of the world. It is becoming the world's leader.


Taking Zhongcha-Zhuzhou locomotive as an example, Zhongcha-Zhuzhou locomotive is the only Chinese enterprise exporting the whole series of rail transit equipment of electric locomotives, EMUs and urban rail vehicles to Europe. In recent years, it has provided urban rail vehicles for Ankara, Izmir, Turkey, Macedonia and Austria in succession. The shunting locomotive and energy-storage trolley car of grade capacitor + battery hybrid power have developed a new type of EMUs for Czech Republic, etc.


Due to the enhancement of design research and development and production strength, China's rail transit equipment exports from accessories to vehicle exports, from low-end products to high-end products, from less developed markets to developed markets, and finally on the world's high-end market, is winning more and more overseas orders.


As the world's leading manufacturer of aluminium processing products, Yuefeng Aluminum Group produces aluminium alloy profiles for six main engine factories of China Zhongche in the process of China's rail transit equipment travelling around the world. Overseas cooperation between Yuefeng Aluminum Group and China Automobile has been increasing every year in recent years. "The overall increase in 2017 is faster than in previous years. Yuefeng Aluminum Group and China Automobile Co-operation account for the largest proportion of new projects both at home and abroad." Wang Qiang said.


China has moved from running to the leading stage in the field of rail transit manufacturing, and has also brought huge market opportunities to the upstream and downstream enterprises of rail transit manufacturing. Wang Hua, chairman of China Yuefeng Group, said the company was trying to go further. "We will further expand our production capacity to meet growing demand and strive to promote China's rail transit equipment to occupy the commanding heights of the world's transportation development."


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