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New energy vehicle

June 25, 2023
New energy vehicles use batteries as power to drive vehicle operation, subject to the weight of the power battery, the lightweight degree of new energy vehicles will directly determine its driving range. As the most suitable material for the popularization of automotive lightweight, aluminum alloy is regarded as the best material for new energy vehicles in the future.
The main components of aluminum for new energy vehicles are body, wheel hub, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, power battery and seat. The body consists of a body frame made of high-performance aluminum profiles and a skin and door made of high-precision aluminum plates; Aluminum alloy wheels; The chassis includes high-strength and large-section aluminum structure parts and aluminum alloy forgings; Anti-collision beam bumper made of profiles; New energy bus floor; Lithium-ion and aluminum-ion batteries. The lithium-ion battery comprises a positive battery aluminum foil, a battery aluminum shell and a battery aluminum tray; New energy bus seat system, etc.
Battery motor system
The lightweight of battery and motor system is an important part of the lightweight of electric vehicles. Under the policy drive and pressure of increasing the energy density of power batteries, new energy vehicles put forward higher requirements for the strength, weight, safety and structure of battery packs.
We Yuefeng Aluminum Technology for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles using aluminum extrusion technology
Complete battery housing assembly and cooling fittings are available, including:
◇ Battery module
◇ Battery pack
◇ Cooling plate
◇ Battery cooling tube
Our solutions enable products with good heat conduction and high yield strength, and use innovative connection technology for optimal performance.
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