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Promote the transformation of aluminum used in construction to aluminum used in new energy vehicles

August 15, 2023
Recently, the group company made a special lecture on the topic of "Aluminum alloy industry chain Status and future development Trend".
The development background of new energy vehicles, the application of aluminum alloy in automobiles, the status quo of aluminum alloy industry chain, and the future development trend of aluminum alloy in 4 aspects, explain the development prospects of aluminum alloy industry chain under the trend of automobile lightweight in a simple way, analyze the structure, advantages and shortcomings of Chongqing aluminum alloy industry, and put forward development suggestions combined with the actual situation in Qijiang.
At present, new energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation and upgrading of the global automobile industry and the green development, and it is also a strategic choice for the high-quality development of China's automobile industry. As an important automobile manufacturing base in China, Chongqing has timely adapted to the trend of The Times and the general trend of development, and clearly proposed the goal of building a world-class intelligent networked new energy automobile industry cluster. Relying on the solid aluminum industry foundation, Qijiang District was approved to build Chongqing intelligent network new energy vehicle lightweight industrial park, and accelerate the integration into the city's trillion-level industrial cluster.
It is necessary to fully understand the development trend of the automotive lightweight industry, actively think and plan around the intelligent network new energy automobile industry cluster, accurately find breakthroughs and entry points, effectively do project planning, and increase investment. It is necessary to rely on the existing market size and agglomeration effect, continue to further promote the development of recycled aluminum, and further extend the aluminum processing industry chain. It is necessary to guide enterprises to use their own advantages, extend their business to the direction of aluminum intensive processing and high value-added products, promote the transformation of aluminum for construction to aluminum for new energy vehicles, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of the industry and the ability for sustainable development.
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