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What is the impact of flood on recycled aluminum alloy in North China?

August 15, 2023
Under the influence of Typhoon Dusuri, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei were hit by heavy rains and there were serious flooding disasters. One of the most affected is Baoding area in Hebei province, Shanghai Steel Union investigated the local large recycled aluminum alloy ingot enterprises, enterprises said that the flood had an impact on the waste into the factory, and the transportation of liquid aluminum to the downstream was also hindered. However, due to the short duration of the rain, with the subsequent recovery of road transportation, the overall impact of enterprise production began to return to normal is small. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises participated in the short flood fight, and then gradually resumed normal operation.
In July, Shanghai Steel Union investigated the operating rate of recycled aluminum alloy ingot industry equipment is 57.5%, and the operating rate has risen slightly recently under the influence of automobile consumption stimulus. At present, July and August belong to the traditional off-season of the die-casting industry, and the downstream die-casting purchase orders have been in a lukewarm state, and the high procurement cost of waste aluminum raw materials and the low profit of alloy ingot enterprises are the main reasons for restricting the rise in the operating rate. From the perspective of enterprises, the stable operating rate of large recycled aluminum plant orders is acceptable, and the decline of small and medium-sized enterprises is more obvious, and the operating rate is still expected to be weak in August.
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