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Prospects and suggestions for aluminum formwork in 2024

April 8, 2024
In 2024, the real estate industry as a whole is still in the trend of adjustment, and favorable policies continue. On March 22, while emphasizing the importance of the real estate industry, the executive meeting of The State Council made it clear that it was necessary to further optimize real estate policies and systematically plan related support policies. On March 25, the governor of the central bank said that the real estate market has some positive signals, long-term healthy and stable development has a solid foundation, from the perspective of the policies passed by the two sessions, this year's real estate policy will continue to expand loose, continue to "promote demand" and "stabilize the market" inject positive momentum.
(1) The real estate market has a solid foundation for good development, and policies have been strengthened and optimized
The Central Economic Work Conference and the National Two Sessions have clear requirements for optimizing the real estate policy and promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, requiring to adapt to the development trend of new urbanization, accelerate the construction of a new model of real estate development, increase the construction and supply of affordable housing, improve the basic system related to commercial housing, and meet the rigid housing needs of residents and diversified and improved housing needs. The gradual recovery of the upstream will drive the market recovery of the aluminum template industry, with the landing of relevant policy measures, the release of all kinds of energy savings, the real estate financing coordination mechanism, the enterprise side of the financial support continues to increase, the construction of related projects is also expected to continue to advance, superimposed on the construction of the "three major projects" to accelerate, the aluminum template market is expected to usher in a good prospect compared with last year.
(2) Lean management, depth empowerment, learn from the advanced efficiency system of aluminum templates
In these years of rapid development, in terms of technology and research and development, cost and quality, operation and sales, from the initial development to the present, various enterprises have carried out a variety of dimensional upgrades, accumulated a lot of rich experience, and have a variety of models of comprehensive solutions.
Aluminum template turnover of 150~200 times, from new board to old board, different enterprises its control of aluminum template damage rate has several times the difference, aluminum template maintenance and renovation, from labor control, site finishing, return to the factory, sorting, cleaning, plastic, repair welding, coating, coding, palletizing and other links, each cost control has tens of yuan difference, aluminum template of the old board construction quality, There is a significant difference between flatness and verticality. The design, renovation, construction, operation and maintenance of aluminum formwork reduce cost and increase efficiency, and it is worth repeatedly learning from and considering the success of the jade of other mountains.
Research on new formwork systems and new processes to further improve standardized aluminum, reduce the number of formwork pieces and eliminate release agents, improve installation efficiency, develop to high quality, and transform new quality productivity.
(3) Do deep and thorough main responsibility and main business, and improve the value and efficiency of the number of intelligent
Aluminum template enterprises should combine enterprise resource endowment and competitive advantages and disadvantages, on the basis of stabilizing the market share of the main business, orderly expand the main industry-related businesses in stages, extend the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain or expand to related fields, and conduct in-depth research on the main business segmentation products.
Aluminum template enterprises should enhance the level of digital and intelligent application, online and offline management depth integration, depth mining the value of digital management channels, with affordable, "tailored" aluminum template management digital system to help enterprises around the revenue line, expenditure line and profit line, the implementation of all aspects, and ultimately to maximize profits.
(4) Huddle for heating, build aluminum mold industrial clusters, and form cluster advantages.
At present, central China, South China and East China have relevant leading enterprises and related industrial chains, and have initially formed the prototype of industrial clusters. It is suggested to vigorously improve the collaborative innovation mechanism of school government and enterprise, give play to the leading role of leading enterprises in innovation, radiate the collaborative innovation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, establish a supply and demand docking platform and integration cooperation mechanism between the aluminum formwork industry and the construction engineering industry, jointly plan and build an aluminum formwork industrial park around the appropriate central area, and enhance the core competitiveness of the region. We will promote sustainable economic development in the region.
(5) Explore new "growth points" in key regions and seek new opportunities in overseas markets
Michael Porter's three classic competitive strategies are: cost leadership, differentiation, focus. At present, the homogenization circuit competition is too fierce, aluminum template enterprises should be moderately differentiated, diversified, focus on new areas, new markets; The pursuit of specialization in a certain field, the establishment of a specific competitive advantage, access to more lucrative subdivision of products, subdivision of regional layout profits, while optimizing the business model, construction model, management model and service model standardization, improve efficiency and competitiveness. The focus strategy should focus on cities with high market activity, pay attention to national and provincial key projects with high capital arrival rate and guaranteed funds, promote the layout of the business network of key cities, and promote the deep cultivation of key cities.
The construction industry is accelerating, and the three stages of "product to sea - channel to sea - brand to sea" in the field of mold frame are still a long way to go. With the change of the global industrial pattern, the strong terminal demand in overseas markets has pulled up the capacity scale, and the new era of the mold industry is expected to drive more investment return opportunities in the industry. Domestic construction giants have gone to sea is expected to form a driving effect, mold enterprises should actively establish good business ties with large enterprises, with the help of design, subcontracting, products and operation and maintenance services, the use of "borrow the ship to go to sea" opportunity to open up the second curve to seek new opportunities in overseas markets.