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Qingzhen Economic Development Zone around the aluminum industry deep processing extension "industrial chain"

August 25, 2023
Under the goal of "double carbon", how to achieve the reduction of resources and maximize benefits? Qingzhen Economic development area around the aluminum industry intensive processing, continue to extend the "industrial chain", out of a quality "fine", energy "green", efficiency "fast" new "aluminum" road.
"Since the trial production in May, the three production lines have been at full capacity, and the products are in short supply." On July 26, in the production workshop of the recycled aluminum division of Guizhou Yuefeng Aluminum New Materials Co., LTD., located in the Qingzhen economic development Zone, three production lines were running at high speed, and pieces of aluminum ingots were transmitted on the assembly line. After casting, refining, cooling and other procedures, palletizing robots quickly grasped and stacked neatly...
"Our products are mainly aluminum water, aluminum rods and aluminum ingots, and the production raw materials are mainly from used car wheels, discarded aluminum foil, cans and some waste aluminum in daily life." Liu Lin, deputy general manager of the company, said that the total investment of 460 million yuan of recycled aluminum project, a year can consume 170,000 tons of aluminum solid waste, the project can achieve annual sales revenue of 2.7 billion yuan, tax of more than 30 million yuan, and can provide more than 200 jobs.
"Swallow" into waste materials, "spit out" new building materials. The recycled waste aluminum products and aluminum liquid with the corresponding proportion of blending, and then through the melting casting furnace more than 800 degrees of high temperature melting casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and other processes, "return to the furnace" is a new product and then start, your aluminum recycled aluminum through the recycling method of waste aluminum material "waste into treasure".
"In less than two months, we will produce more than 4,000 tons of aluminum alloy ingots to downstream enterprises, in the context of the 'double carbon' goal, the company relies on energy saving and environmental protection facilities and technical advantages, through the recycling of waste aluminum building materials to develop a circular economy, effectively realize the recycling and reuse of the company's upstream and downstream customers processing corners of the waste." Liu Lin said that the pure oxygen combustion two-chamber furnace introduced by the company is one of the current domestic furnace types. Compared with the traditional process, the energy consumption of recycled aluminum is only 4% of that of electrolytic aluminum, each production of 1 ton of recycled aluminum can save 15 cubic meters of natural gas, 15 cubic meters of water, and harmful gas emissions can be reduced by 40%.
The use of industrial resource advantages, drive upstream and downstream enterprises to land, in the development of the track around the "ore - alumina - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum deep processing" development chain construction chain, extended chain, chain, strong chain, Qingzhen economic development zone out of a quality "fine", energy "green", efficiency "fast" new "aluminum" road.
Less than 100 meters away from Yuefeng Aluminum recycled aluminum - Guizhou high precision plate and foil Technology Co., LTD., the production workshop, full of heat, 12 production lines are fully open, the mechanical roar and metal collision sound complement each other, some products will be further processed here, to achieve the aluminum processing industry extended chain quality upgrade.
"The reason why enterprises settled in Qingzhen is to take a look at electrolytic aluminum of Guizhou Huaren, only raw material supply this piece, can save more than 10 million yuan a year." Yang Jun, director of production planning of Guizhou high precision plate and foil Technology Co., LTD., said that with excellent product quality, the aluminum foil billet produced by the company has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other overseas markets, this year's output value is expected to be 3.2 billion yuan, and the current order has been placed to September.
In 2022, there are 132 industrial enterprises above designated size in Qingzhen City, of which 37 are in aluminum and aluminum processing industry, and the completed output value of aluminum and aluminum processing industry accounts for 63.10% of the industrial output value above designated size in the city.
In Qingzhen Jingkai District Wangzhuang Aluminum deep processing Industrial Park, investment of 500 million yuan Zhejiang Jimu CTP digital printing plate new material project electrolytic aluminum downstream industry construction is in full swing; With an investment of 198 million yuan, Guizhou Qianbiao Aluminum Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 60,000 tons of hot rolled aluminum alloy sheet construction project.
One key project after another has been completed, bursting out the "speed and passion" of high-quality development. In the aluminum and aluminum processing key projects started and under construction this year, a number of automotive lightweight core parts, battery aluminum foil, aluminum based new materials key projects are under construction.
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