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Home - News - "replacing steel with aluminum"​-the world's first aluminum reinforced concrete bench structure was launched at the Norwegian Expo

"replacing steel with aluminum"​-the world's first aluminum reinforced concrete bench structure was launched at the Norwegian Expo

October 16, 2019

Abstract: the world's first aluminum reinforced concrete bench structure was launched at the Trondheim Trade Fair in Norway.

On October 3, the official website of Yuefeng Aluminum announced the launch of the world's first aluminum reinforced concrete bench structure at the Trondheim Trade Fair in Norway. This simple, stylish concrete bench caused a sensation in the world.


In concrete structures, steel is recognized as a reinforcement material, rather than aluminum, because the pH value of ordinary concrete is strong alkaline (high pH value), so that aluminum will be corroded.


But imagine if it was not the "fault" of aluminum, but the "fault" of cement. A creative researcher dared to ask questions and decided to invent a new type of concrete with low alkalinity.


A few years later, this new concrete has proved to be suitable for aluminum reinforcement, but also has many surprisingly significant advantages related to the environment and quality, which can completely change the concrete industry: in the production of new concrete, Significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions; Make concrete structures thinner (concrete is smaller); concrete is maintenance-free; in application, this new type of concrete can even absorb and store carbon dioxide from the environment.


Why does strengthening concrete with aluminum instead of steel bring such significant benefits?


Steel has strong strength and is a kind of intuitive firmware, but steel has some inherent weaknesses. Steel corrodes when it comes into contact with carbon dioxide in seawater and air. In fact, the steel bar must be covered with denser and thicker concrete to protect the steel bar itself from air and water!


If air and water come into contact with steel and the steel is corroded, the concrete will crack. Therefore, the common concrete structure today can only last if the concrete can protect the steel from the outside world.


Aluminum is different. Aluminum has a natural oxide "film" that protects metals from corrosion, so it is more resistant to air and sea water than steel. This is why such dense concrete is not needed to protect steel bars, nor does it need thick coverings. The concrete structure with aluminum firmware can make the concrete weight smaller, the design possibility more extensive, at the same time extend the life of the product and reduce the maintenance cost.


When aluminum is used to strengthen concrete, binders (which steel cannot bear) can be used, and the carbon dioxide emissions of binders are much less than those of traditional cement clinker. A large amount of cement (about 55%) is replaced by ordinary clay and other adhesives that do not decompose carbon dioxide like cement clinker and burn at lower temperatures. In fact, the combustion temperature is 850 degrees instead of 1450 degrees. As a result, this will reduce significant energy demand and carbon dioxide emissions.

This new concrete also has auxiliary environmental benefits. If necessary, it can even be prepared by mixing seawater, which is a huge advantage in places where freshwater resources are limited.


Professor Harald Justnes's SINTEF, from Trondheim raises the unlikely question of whether it is possible to create a new, less alkaline concrete that makes it possible to use aluminum instead of steel to strengthen concrete.


For this reason, Professor, Harald Justnes obtained a complete research project DARE2C. The project is managed by Yuefeng Aluminum Company and covers NTNU, SINTEF, cement manufacturer Norcem (Heidelberg) and contractors Veidekke and Overhalla Betongbygg. In addition, the DARE2C project has the indispensable support of the Norwegian Research Council (Norwegian Research Council).

Two years later, the new concrete formula has been fine-tuned and tested with aluminum reinforcements-so encouraging that in the middle of the research project, it was thought that the new concrete would become a reality.


DARE2C (pronounced "Dare-to-See, bravely and squarely) stands for" environmentally friendly durable aluminum reinforced concrete structures ". In addition to sounding pleasant and implying courage, the benefits of aluminum profiles are also crucial.


After many busy summer weeks, the R & D team finally designed the concrete bench, which was cast by OverhallaBetongbygg. The product was on display for the first time at the AquaNOR Exhibition in Trondheim in August 2019.


The chair is made of primary aluminum, and an important goal of the research project is to use recycled aluminum.


Aluminum engine cylinder block for automobile is an application case. As the demand for engine cylinder block of diesel locomotive will be reduced in the future, it may be an appropriate choice to use waste aluminum recovered from waste cylinder block as reinforcement material in concrete. The climate footprint of the new concrete structure can even be further improved. The use of recycled aluminum is one of the main advantages of the DARE2C concept.


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