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Shanxi nonferrous metal industry transformation and upgrading 2023 action plan

May 8, 2023
Municipal Industry and Information Bureau:
In order to implement the decisions and arrangements of the national and provincial Party committees and governments, speed up the transformation and upgrading of the non-ferrous metal industry, cultivate the industrial chain of copper-based new materials, and expand and strengthen the industrial chain of fine processing of aluminum, magnesium and copper, our department has formulated the 2023 Action Plan for the Transformation and Upgrading of the Non-ferrous Metal Industry in Shanxi Province, which is hereby distributed to you. Please earnestly implement the plan based on the actual situation.
This action plan is formulated in order to implement the decisions and arrangements of the national and provincial Party committees and governments, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the non-ferrous metal industry, cultivate the industrial chain of copper-based new materials, and expand and strengthen the industrial chain of fine processing of aluminum, magnesium and copper.
First, industrial base
At present, Yuncheng Aluminum-magnesium copper and Luliang aluminum-magnesium non-ferrous metal industrial clusters have been formed in our province, and industrial chains such as "Bauxite - alumina - electrolytic aluminum - aluminum intensive processing", "Bauxite - fine alumina", "dolomite - metal magnesium alloy - magnesium alloy intensive processing" and "copper - crude copper - electrolytic copper - copper intensive processing" have been preliminarily constructed. Alumina, magnesium production capacity and output are ranked second in China, the non-ferrous metal industry has the basis for further improvement.
Second, guiding ideology
Forge long boards, strengthen weak boards, strengthen foundation, improve the toughness and safety of industrial chain and supply chain, promote the transformation and upgrading of the non-ferrous metal industry, and achieve high-quality development.
Three, the main objective
In 2023, the non-ferrous metal industry achieved an operating revenue of 134 billion yuan (including 104 billion yuan in the aluminum-magnesium deep processing industry chain). Cultivate and strengthen the copper base new material industry chain; Forming a coordinated development pattern of "original + regeneration" around "reinforcing chain"; Promote the characteristic cluster model of "raw materials + finished products" around the "chain extension"; Focusing on the "strong chain", we will promote green, low-carbon and intelligent transformation and actively promote comprehensive utilization of resources.
Iv. Key Tasks
(1) Cultivating the industrial chain of new copper based materials
Upstream: strengthen the exploration of deep and side resources and the construction of mining projects, continue to implement the strategy of resource expansion, and improve the ability of copper resource guarantee; We will carry out intelligent mining construction projects to improve the level of intelligent mining. Midstream: accelerate the construction of copper concentrate comprehensive recovery and utilization project, effectively guarantee the supply of refined copper, and build a solid foundation for development; The construction project of intelligent smelting plants will be carried out to improve the intelligent level of smelting. Downstream: speed up equipment debugging, ensure early production and efficiency of new projects put into production, and build a mechanism of deep integration, collaborative innovation and common development of high-end copper materials together with downstream enterprises.
(2) Vigorously develop renewable non-ferrous metals
The recycling and utilization of non-ferrous metals can effectively reduce the carbon emissions during the "mining of raw materials and the primary processing of raw materials", which is an important direction for the non-ferrous metal industry to achieve the goal of "double carbon". Encourage non-ferrous metal smelting and processing enterprises to raise the level of relegation recycling and utilization, increase the consumption of recycled non-ferrous metals, arrange recycled non-ferrous metal projects, ensure raw material supply, build a solid foundation for development, and form a coordinated development pattern of "original + recycled". Make full use of the geographical advantages located at the junction of Shanxi and Hebei, seize the opportunities of the transfer of recycled metal industry in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Xiongan New Area, vigorously expand investment channels, and develop the recycled non-ferrous metal industry.
(3) Actively extend the aluminum and magnesium industrial chain
Based on the industrial foundation of electrolytic aluminum and raw magnesium in our province, focusing on the fields of construction, new energy vehicles, rail transit, electronic power, aerospace and military industry, we focus on the development of energy-saving building profiles, automotive lightweight parts, al-magnesium alloy profiles and plates, high-conductive aluminum alloy cables, high-performance Al-magnesium alloy and its precision castings, etc. Form "raw materials + finished products" characteristic cluster mode, high and low grade product structure and industrial cluster. Optimization of alumina product structure, focusing on pseudo-boehmite, molecular sieve, high temperature α-alumina, high white alumina, low sodium alumina, alumina micropowder, aluminium silicate powder series, alkali free accelerator, high-end heat stabilizer, diaspore, agate filler, water purification agent, cultivate and expand fine alumina industry.
4. Promoting green and low-carbon transformation
Accelerate the popularization and application of advanced, applicable, mature and reliable energy saving technology and equipment, such as deep energy saving technology for alumina production, new energy saving technology for stable flow insulation aluminum electrolytic cell, deep energy saving technology for green and low carbon aluminum electrolysis, new raw magnesium smelting technology for complex reaction, copper blowing under oxygen, etc. Continue to promote the creation of green factories and environmental performance upgrading work, so that green become the "brightest background color" of development; Actively revitalize the idle land of mines, make full use of the open space of factory buildings and the roof of factory buildings, layout distributed photovoltaic power generation projects and actively participate in centralized photovoltaic power generation and other new energy projects, to improve the ability of enterprises to ensure green energy; We will optimize the energy use structure, continue to increase the absorption weight of wind, light, hydropower and other renewable energy sources, and reduce carbon emissions per unit of product from the source.
5. Actively promoting comprehensive utilization of resources
Encourage recovery of valuable components such as iron, alkali, alumina, rare and scattered metals and precious metals from red mud to improve the utilization efficiency of mineral resources and foster new economic growth points; Encourage alumina enterprises to adopt advanced processes and technologies to improve alumina recovery and reduce red mud production; Strengthen the research and research on comprehensive utilization technology of tailings, smelting slag and red mud, promote the reduction, resource utilization and high-value utilization of solid waste, and realize the sustainable development of enterprises.
6. Implementing the whole industrial chain cultivation project
Focusing on promoting the high-quality development of "aluminum and magnesium intensive processing industry chain", "chain master" and "chain core" enterprises carry out collaborative research on industry-university-research-application around key core technologies through in-depth transformation of digital intelligence and green, striving to become the "leader" of enterprise standards. Support "chain owner" enterprises and development zones in building public environmental protection facilities, industrial research institutes, laboratories, inspection and testing centers and other public service platforms conducive to promoting the development of the industrial chain, so as to build a sound industrial ecology. Support "chain owner" enterprises, and lead small and medium-sized enterprises to integrate into the industrial chain division system through market sharing, division of labor, technology diffusion and other means. We will support a number of individual champions in the manufacturing industry, specialized, specialized and innovative small giants, and specialized, specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in accelerating their development, and continue to raise the level of specialization of enterprises in the industrial chain.
7. Securing the bottom line of security
We should firmly uphold the concept of safe development, put people first, put life first and put safety first, strengthen governance at the source, in a systematic and comprehensive way, and comprehensively improve our capacity to ensure safety, manage risks and ensure essential safety, so as to prevent and contain major and major accidents. To carry out key monitoring and control over major hazard sources and hazardous technologies; Speed up the upgrading of enterprises with poor production safety conditions or major safety risks; We will strictly implement the "one vote veto" system for workplace safety.
V. Safeguard measures
1. Strengthening organizational leadership Implement the implementation plan of the key industrial chain and the working mechanism of the industrial chain length in Shanxi Province. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, the municipal and county governments should fulfill the main responsibility, strengthen the linkage at the provincial, municipal and county levels, form a working force, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the industrial chain of aluminum and magnesium deep processing and copper based new materials.
2. Increasing financial support We will make full use of provincial funds for technological upgrading, and increase financial support for the key tasks identified in the action plan. We will strengthen policy support for the price of electricity for strategic emerging industries in the industrial chain, strengthen the implementation of incentive policies for the industrial chain, and encourage deep-processing enterprises in the aluminum, magnesium and copper industrial chain to become bigger, stronger and better.
3. Strengthening investment promotion. The "government + chain master + park" investment and development mode is implemented. All city and county governments, in conjunction with city and county development zones, work together with "chain master" and "chain core" enterprises, focus on specialization and innovation, focus on attracting new talents, improve the investment picture of the industrial chain, and introduce a number of middle and high-end and key enterprises in the industrial chain.
(4) Carry out standardized management. According to the standard conditions of aluminum, magnesium, copper and other non-ferrous industries of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, organize and carry out the standard declaration of non-ferrous metal enterprises in our province and the review of enterprises that have announced the standard. We will strengthen in-process and post-operation supervision, strengthen supervision and inspection, and revoke the public announcement qualification of enterprises that violate the requirements of the standards and conditions.
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