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Target total output value of 120 billion yuan! The high quality development trend of Baise aluminum industry is encouraging

July 30, 2023
High-quality development is the primary task for comprehensively building a modern socialist country. The high-quality development of Hongcheng Baise is inseparable from the high-quality development of the largest industry - aluminum industry.
In 2022, Baise's industrial added value ranked third in the region, and the output value of the aluminum industry exceeded 100 billion yuan for the first time. In 2023, Baise industry, especially the aluminum industry, how to increase the speed, to see the two most typical carriers of high-end, intelligent and green development of Baise aluminum industry - Baidong New District and Pingguo City's vivid practice in the first quarter.
In the new mountain park of Baidong New District, Geely Hundred mine with an annual output of 10 million aluminum wheel production base, several 10,000 square meters of plants lined up, aluminum water to add titanium, magnesium and other metal elements, after refining, low pressure casting, heat treatment, machining, painting and other processes, into beautiful and practical aluminum alloy wheels. This factory works 24 hours, 4 PM, the morning shift worker Lu Jianping has just finished the day's work, ready to go home to rest. The 10 million aluminum wheel project will start in September 2020, officially supply in March 2022, and the first anniversary of production in March this year. The project is the autonomous region's "double hundred double new" industrial project, implemented in two phases, last year's output of 400,000, this year's target of 3.2 million, the first phase of the full capacity of 5.2 million. The project is powered by Baise regional power grid, Baimine aluminum plant directly supplies aluminum water, and directly produces aluminum wheels in the aluminum wheel project workshop. The cost of remelting aluminum ingots is reduced, and the competitiveness of products is greatly improved. After all the projects are completed, it will be of great significance for Baise to play the advantages of coal, electricity and aluminum integration, promote the "second entrepreneurship" of the aluminum industry, and develop the aluminum deep processing and automobile terminal aluminum alloy parts industry in Guangxi.
In recent years, Baise New District has grown into the largest aluminum deep processing industrial base in Baise with the Liutang Industrial Park and Xinshan Industrial Park as the main battlefields. In the first quarter of 2023, the output value of the aluminum industry in Baidong New Area is expected to be 7.46 billion yuan. At present, the new district has 50 aluminum industry and supporting enterprises, including 2 electrolytic aluminum enterprises, accounting for about a quarter of the city; There are 29 aluminum processing enterprises on aluminum rods, aluminum foil, aluminum wheels, aluminum wires and cables, and aluminum profiles, accounting for 51.7% of the city; There are 19 supporting enterprises such as pre-baked anode, comprehensive utilization of aluminum ash and aluminum slag, and natural gas supply, and the aluminum industry in the new District has gradually formed an industrial cluster system with the recycling industrial chain as the core of "coal, electric - liquid aluminum - aluminum deep processing - aluminum renewable resources recovery and comprehensive utilization".
In the power equipment production workshop of Guangxi Dasheng Energy Industry Group in Pingguo Economic and Technological Development Zone, different specifications of aluminum alloy cables and high temperature heat-resistant aluminum wires are continuously produced, which is the first project of Dasheng Group's investment in Baise aluminum industry in June 2020, with an output value of 378 million yuan last year. Next to the workshop, the 2GW photovoltaic module project started a year later is the first photovoltaic module production line with the best intelligence in Guangxi. Starting from power equipment, Dasseng Group gradually distributes new energy photovoltaic cells and modules, recycled aluminum alloy precision casting, photovoltaic power stations in Pingguo City and Youjiang District. After the completion of all construction projects of the group, it will achieve annual sales of 21.7 billion yuan and profits and taxes of about 1.5 to 2 billion yuan, which will form a complete industrial chain in Guangxi and help Baise's high-quality economic development. Represented by the 10 million aluminum wheel project of Geely Baijiu Mine and Dasheng Energy Industry Group, Baise aluminum industry has shown a vigorous scene of high-end, intelligent and green development.
After the aluminum industry breaks through 100 billion yuan, how to better achieve high-quality development?
Taking the opportunity of the decision adopted by the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region's People's Congress on promoting the high-quality development of the aluminum industry last year, Baise issued and implemented the key work points of the decision in 2023 and the key task division plan from 2023 to 2025 in mid-February this year, anchoring nine key work objectives in 2023: The total output value of the city's aluminum industry strives to complete 120 billion yuan, an increase of 15%; All electrolytic aluminum production capacity was released, and the output reached more than 2.15 million tons. Aluminum production of more than 2.5 million tons; All the renewable aluminum projects were put into operation, and the output of recycled aluminum was more than 900,000 tons; The city uses imported bauxite alumina production reached more than 20%; Supporting industries such as electricity, carbon and caustic soda have been further developed and strengthened, and supporting facilities such as warehousing and trading, logistics, finance and science and technology have been further improved.
The person in charge of the industry and information Bureau of Baise City said: "It is expected that the first quarter of Baise City will complete 2.6 million tons of alumina, 550,000 tons of electrolytic aluminum and 550,000 tons of aluminum, with an output value of 28.5 billion yuan."
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