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Yuefeng Aluminum won two more Chinese patent Excellence awards

July 30, 2023
Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued the Decision of the State Intellectual Property Office on the Awarding of the 24th China Patent Awards. "A high-entropy alloy particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite material and its stirring casting preparation Process" jointly developed by Yuefeng Aluminum and South China University of Technology, and "a high-strength aluminum alloy for appearance parts of electronic products and its preparation method" independently developed by Yuefeng Aluminum won the 24th China Patent Excellence Award.
About China Patent Award
It is reported that the China Patent Award, co-sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), focuses on strengthening the creation, protection and application of intellectual property rights, and promotes high-quality economic development. It is the only government department award dedicated to rewarding inventions and creations granted patent rights in China, and is also the highest honor in the field of patents in China.
As a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise and national intellectual property advantage enterprise, Yuefeng Aluminum has long attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, focusing on technological innovation and market development, optimizing the patent layout, and striving to create a number of patents with high degree of innovation, strong market competitiveness, and obvious advantages in patent cultivation and layout. So far, the group has obtained more than 2,000 domestic and foreign patents, the number of which is in a leading position in the domestic peers, covering the fields of aluminum alloy doors and Windows and curtain wall structure, new materials and processing technology.
The invention relates to a high entropy alloy particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite material and a stirring casting process thereof
The patented technology has developed a series of high entropy alloy reinforced phase powder with good high temperature stability and suitable for high temperature liquid metal forming process, and solved the problem of adding and uniform dispersion of high entropy alloy particles in aluminum melt by using the patented technology. The liquid method is used to quickly prepare large size and high entropy alloy reinforced aluminum alloy bar material. The large-scale production and application of high-entropy alloy reinforced aluminum alloy materials and their parts are realized. The research results have been applied and transformed in our company, and have been widely used in aluminum alloy profiles for transportation vehicles and aluminum profiles for ships, realizing the expansion and application of domestic high-performance aluminum alloy materials in the field of transportation and import substitution.
The invention discloses a high-strength aluminum alloy for appearance parts of electronic products and a preparation method thereof
The patented technology belongs to the original basic patent of Yuefeng Aluminum Industry, aiming at the urgent demand for high-strength aluminum alloy for the large-screen, thin and light development of electronic products such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and so on. Through optimization design, the defects of oxide film gray, dark, black lines, speck and so on are eliminated, which greatly improves the strength of aluminum alloy and the quality of oxide film. To meet the development needs of larger, thinner, lighter and more beautiful electronic products. The performance of the patented technology and transformed products has reached the domestic leading level, and the aluminum alloy used for the appearance of electronic products has been upgraded, and the industrialization has been implemented in Yuefeng Aluminum, and the transformed products have been identified as "famous high-tech products in technology province", and the economic and social benefits are significant. Relying on the patented technology, Yuefeng Aluminum participated in the formulation of relevant national standards GB/T 3190-2020 and GB/T 12967.6-2022, leading the standardized development of the industry.
Technological innovation is one of the important strategies of enterprise development, and owning independent intellectual property rights is the core embodiment of enterprise competitiveness. Next, Yuefeng Aluminum will continue to adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, increase technology research and development capabilities, maintain "industry-university-research" close cooperation, create more advantageous products with independent intellectual property rights, accelerate the transformation of patent achievements, help the industry to improve quality and efficiency, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise industry.
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